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Consumer Alert: Vending Machine Business Opportunities

Planet Antares, formerly known as Natural Choice USA (a.k.a. Antares Corporation) tours the country touting their business opportunity, and they've been doing it for years. They make presentations virtually every weekend. Here's the schedule for 2006 so far, based on information sent to the Cagey Consumer:
Natural Choice 2006 Schedule
1/20-1/22 Savannah, GA    
2/17-2/19 Phoenix, AZ    
2/24-2/26 Riverside, CA
3/10-3/12 Stamford, CT    
3/10-3/19 Hartford, CT
3/24-3/26 Anaheim, CA Atlanta, GA Omaha, NE
3/31-4/2 Coraopolis, PA
(Pittsburgh area)
Dallas, TX  
4/7-4/9 Las Vegas,NV    
4/14-4/16 Easter weekend
4/21-4/23 Charleston, SC    
5/5-5/7 Bethlehem, PA    
5/12-5/14 Baton Rouge, LA Albuquerque, NM Providence, RI
6/2-6/4 Salt Lake City, UT    
6/16-6/18 Valley Forge, PA    
7/21-7/23 Annapolis, MD    
8/4-8/6 Estero, FL    
8/11-8/13 Troy, MI    
8/18-8/20 Little Rock, AR    
8/25-8/27 Denver, CO Newark, NJ  
9/23-9/24 Plymouth, MA    
10/27-10/29 Valencia, CA Vancouver, BC
Markham (Toronto), ON
11/3-11/5 Bellevue, WA    

Notify the Cagey Consumer of upcoming meetings not listed above.
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Read more information about Natural Choice USA
Read Antares' own disclaimer that Natural Choice provides any earnings potential whatsoever.
Check the availability of used vending machines (mostly Antares) at Compact Vending Ads.
For a list of places you can visit where Antares machines are in use, go to the Antares Spotting page.

Natural Choice promises that there's no sales pressure of any kind on their annual road show. But they don't come into town to sell machines to people with existing vending machine routes. They're looking for money from new people who don't really know the business and who will believe the stories of high return on investments.

The bad news is that few people who buy machines from Natural Choice USA will make the kind of money they're led to believe. But the consolation prize is that people who have been suckered into buying these machines will probably find some interested buyers: people who have existing vending machine routes and who are willing to buy these vending machines at steep discounts from the prices that Natural Choice charges.

For more details, check out the Forbes article Check it

Vending machine scams have been operating for decades. The appeal is wheelbarrow-fuls of money, yours for the taking, if you just invest in a bunch of vending machines.

In 1998, the FTC took 36 enforcement actions against vending machine companies. Yet, there are plenty of other companies willing to take your money in exchange for a promise of vending machine wealth.

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Updated June 28, 2007