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Pre-Subscribed Long Distance Calculator

Use this page to calculate the cost of long-distance calling using pre-subscribed programs.

The calculated rates apply only to direct-dialed calls made to a state other than the originating state that are within the 48 contiguous states.

You must contact the carrier to sign up for these programs. You are urged to verify current rates with the carrier.

Most of the information displayed here was believed to be correct as of 4/7/2000 but is not guaranteed. Subsequent updates have been made as indicated below:

carrier date
AmeriCom 11/14/2003 (USF not verified)
AT&T 11/14/2003
Excel 12/22/2001
GTC 12/22/2001
MCI 6/1/2002
Qwest 12/14/2001
Sprint 3/3/2001

For details on a particular rate plan, including contact information, click on the name of the rate plan.

The algorithm used to calculate costs now uses the "number of calls" as well as "total number of minutes",

Enter average minutes of usage per month: Enter average number of long distance calls per month:

AT&T 5¢
AT&T 5¢
One Rate 7¢
Dime Deal 2000
Simply 7
Simply More
Simply One Plan
Three-Penny Plan
GTC 5¢/minute
(online billing)
MCI Anytime Advantage
MCI Anytime Calling
MCI Net Savings
MCI Select 200
Qwest 5¢ Calling Plan
(online billing)
Qwest 6¢ Calling Plan
Qwest 10 for $10
(online billing)
Qwest 1500
(online billing)
Qwest 200
(online billing)
Qwest 250
(online billing)
Qwest Membership
Sprint Nickel AnyTime
Sprint Nickel Nights
Sprint Nickel Nights Travel Discount
Sprint Sense AnyTime
Sprint Sense AnyTime Travel Discount
Sprint 500 AnyTime
Sprint 1000 AnyTime
Sprint 1000 Nights

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Updated November 14, 2003