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Dial-Around Long Distance Calculator

Use this page to calculate the cost of long-distance calling using "dial-around" services like "101-0321" and "Lucky Dog". Although the dial-around services do not add on PIC-C fees, using a dial-around service will not avoid these fees.

The calculated rates apply only to direct-dialed calls made to a state other than the originating state that are within the 48 contiguous states.

In some cases, you need to contact the carrier to sign up for the plan, but it's always advisable to contact the carrier to verify current rates.

The information displayed here is believed to be correct as of 12/5/1999 but is not guaranteed. Subsequent updates have been made as indicated below:

carrier date
AT&T 11/14/2003
Qwest 12/22/2001
Telco 5/9/2001
Telecom*USA 12/15/2001
VarTec 6/6/2001

For details on a particular rate plan, including contact information, click on the name of the rate plan.

The algorithm used to calculate costs now uses the "number of calls" as well as "total number of minutes", making it possible to include connection costs for programs such as "Lucky Dog". It also provides a better picture on costs for programs with an initial rate period longer than 1 minute such as "10-10-220".

Enter average minutes of usage per month: Enter average number of long distance calls per month:

Lucky Dog
Call Club
Clear Choice
5 Talk

(most states)
Clear Choice
9 Talk
Clear Choice
10 Time