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Telecom*USA Contact Information & Rate Plan Details

According to Telecom*USA customer service, Telecom*USA is a subsidiary of MCI. According to MCI customer service, although Telecom*USA leases lines from MCI, there is no other relationship between the two companies. The 7/9/1998 issue of ComputerWorld contained a statement that seemed to contradict MCI's claims on this issue.

Contact information

Phone: 1-800-476-1234

Universal Service Fee: 9.9%


10-10-321 is a Telecom*USA program that reduces rates by 50% for calls 10 minutes and longer. Beware that this is merely a 50% reduction from their rates on shorter calls. It is not a comparison to rates charged by other long distance carriers.

With this price structure, the total charge for calls between 5 and 9 minutes is greater than the charge for calls of 10 minutes.

The charge for calls under 10 minutes is 16¢ per minute; longer calls are 8¢ per minute.


The 10-10-220 program promises a charge of just 99¢ for calls up to 20 minutes long, and 7¢ a minute for each additional minute. Because even a 1-minute call is charged 99¢, the effective per-minute rate varies between 5¢ and 99¢.

These programs are promoted on a dial-around basis. This allows you to selectively use the service by prefixing your calls with a 7-digit access code. Improperly using this access code with local calls will result in charges being incurred for calls that might otherwise be non-billable.

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Updated September 20, 2000