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The latest offers from MCI and Sprint promise 5¢ a minute rates 7 days a week, but as usual, there's a catch. The catch is either a monthly fee, higher rates than you would otherwise pay for calls made during the day, or a combination of the two. By the time these are factored in, you could find out that the nickel plans aren't the best deal for you.

Not to fret! These long distance rate calculators provide the easiest rate comparison of interstate long distance rates on the web, and the chances are good that you'll find one that saves money compared to your present long distance plan.

So pick your rate calculator, find your plan, and cut your phone bills!

Pre-Subscribed Rate Calculator
This rate calculator compares plans to which you need to presubscribe.

Dial-Around Rate Calculator
This rate calculator compares dial-around programs and certain other programs which are not designed or promoted for use as a preferred long distance program.

Other Long Distance Companies & Rate Comparison Services

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Updated July 25, 1999