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Cagey Consumer Press Releases

2/10/2002 AT&T Inducted into Hall of Shame for Unlimited Calling Plan
7/8/2001 Qwest Communications Re-Inducted into Hall of Shame
12/19/1998 Minimum Rate Pricing Order May Prove Ineffective
7/13/1998 Check Cashing Loans Bad News for Consumers
7/6/1998 Consumer Advice Columnist Leads Readers Astray
1/26/1998 America Online Joins Cagey Consumer Hall of Shame
10/12/1997 Safeway Supermarkets Added to Cagey Consumer Hall of Shame
9/7/1997 "Revolutionary" Savings Mean Higher Costs for MCI Customers
9/4/1997 Promised Savings from PhoneMiser Tough to Find
  PhoneMiser's Response
8/31/1997 Dial-Around Carrier Added to Cagey Consumer Hall of Shame

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