Cagey Consumer
The following complaints about the Cagey Consumer's Pentagono page. are published here without further comment.

From: "Nordina & Jamie Newton" <>
To: <>
Subject: Pentagono
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 01:57:20 -0700
I know of several people who have profited from this program. It in no way hurts anyone and the money is a small investment to make for such potential profits. And how many people do you know who have spent $180 on lotteries with no payoff what-so-ever? It sounded like a scam at first but I can't see any holes in the program. It basically sells itself.

From: "Lindy & Kathy Hendrickson" <>
Subject: Pentagono
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 1998 16:27:03 -0700
To whom it may concern:

Since when is it not the peoples choice to decide when and where they wish to invest there money. If it be a money game like Pentagono then so be it. Pentagono has harmed nobody in anyway and Future Stategies would not be able to operate for the last three years if there were anything immotal or deceitful about the company. Aren't the people of the US FREE if so then we should have the right to invest our money where we choose, so long as they are not contributing to something that is destructive, harmful to other people or the planet.

Note to the potiential Pentagono participents.

Don't be discouraged by a few small minded, negative people and don't take rejection personally! After all, not everyone has a desire to improve their lifestyle!

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Updated October 14, 1998