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Pentagono is a money game run by Future Strategies Srl of Medona, Italy.

In reality, it is nothing more than a slightly sophisticated chain letter, set up so that Future Strategies, the originator of the chain, gets paid every time there's a new participant. Such programs are inherently fraudulent because they falsely imply that all participants can ultimately profit.

In practice, though, law enforcement authorities have limited resources, and such illegal schemes can operate for a long time before the authorities take any action. Regardless of the legal status of Pentagono, if you decide to play Pentagono, you can expect that your money will be gone-o! For additional information, check the following links:

Strangely enough, a number of people will suggest that you should participate in their program in spite of the fact that you might be led to believe it's a scam by sites like this one. Here are some complaints from some of these people.

Here are links to Pentagono pages:

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Updated February 5, 2003