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Many Deaf people are still being victimized by sophisticated hierarchical (Pyramid) fraud systems.

There is a high unemployment rate among the Deaf communities. Since a large section of the Deaf community has poor command of the English language and lack the resources to investigate, they easily fall prey to sophisticated fraud systems usually promising instant wealth, sexy cars, and happiness.

Recently there has been activity of this nature in Orange County, California and I have been working with Assemblyman Jim Morrissey who is on the State Consumer Protection Committee to protect Deaf consumers in California. I was advised by them to start educating the Deaf community about the newest fraud system known as Pentagono. And most recent there are reports of this being introduced in the Fremont area and I urge everyone to quickly share this information with as many people in Northern California as possible. Feel free to forward this to any of your email lists.

Pentagono scheme that is running under the name "Future Strategies" is starting to get a foothold in the United States. Pentagono originally began in Italy, and then spread to Australia, Indonesia, and it is starting in Canada and Mexico and now the United States.

Pentagono operators will claim it is "100% Legal". Yes legal in Italy, Australia, Indonesia, Canada, and Mexico. Our consumer protection laws are not like the laws of Italy, Australia, Indonesia, Canada, and Mexico. You will NEVER see any proof or any factual demonstration by Pentagono operators that this scheme is legal in the United States. It is always best to find out FULL information, before participating in any money-related matters.

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Updated January 30, 1999