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Consumer Alert: Pacific Monarch Resorts

Just another high-pressure timesharing promotion.

Here are some links about this one:

Palm Canyon Resort... the Last Resort
Party gets less than they expected.

Caveat Emptor -- Pacific Monarch Resorts
Detailed report of high-pressure sales tactices.

Leukemia Society Benefits from Do Not Call Policy
Pacific Monarch pays up to avoid $1500 suit for failing to adhere to do not call rules.

The following web sites are registered to Pacific Monarch Resorts:
Monarch Grand Vacations
This is their home page... they finally completed it!

Go Las Vegas Now
This site offers a 3-day visit to the Cancun Caribe in Las Vegas for $59 (with required sales presentation).

Go Palm Springs
This site offers a 3-day visit to the Palm Canyon Resort in Palm springs for $69 (with required sales presentation).

For Vegas Vacations

Twiki discussion site
Discuss your experiences with Pacific Monarch resorts here.

Here's their contact information, obtained in part from the BBB:

Pacific Monarch Resorts, Inc.
23091 Mill Creek Drive
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
phone: 949-587-2400
fax: 949-587-2499
Other phone numbers:

Other names:
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January 15, 2001
updated December 13, 2001