Uninviting inventory certificates

The agreement that Nutrition for Life made with the Illinois Attorney General's office prevents distributors who have voluntarily enrolled in the order assurance program from stockpiling the certificates that are automatically ordered under this program. Presumably, a distributor's only reason for stockpiling these certificates would be that they haven't been selling enough products to meet the volume levels required to retain eligibility for bonus payments, and not wanting to lose such eligibility, they have been purchasing product anyway, in the form of these inventory certificates.

Nothing in NFLI's agreement with the Illinois Attorney General is going to prevent distributors from buying product to retain eligibility for bonus payments, in spite of the provisions suggesting otherwise. But at least in the past, distributors could defer selecting the products until they needed them. Thanks to the agreement, distributors will no longer have this option.

Bottom line on inventory certificate stockpiling

The stockpiling of inventory certificates is not the problem, it is a symptom of the problem; the problem is the compensation program which prevents distributors from collecting bonuses for sales made by their downline because their personal volume is insufficient.

By attacking the symptom but failing to attack the problem, the Illinois Attorney General has actually made things worse for distributors.

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