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Natural Choice USA 2005 Schedule

Natural Choice USA (a.k.a. Antares Corporation) tours the country touting their business opportunity, and they've been doing it for years. They make presentations at multiple cities virtually every weekend.
This is the schedule of Natural Choice USA presentations made in 2005 based on information sent to the Cagey Consumer by web site visitors. Check the vending machine business opportunities alert for more information on Natural Choice USA.
Natural Choice 2005 Schedule
1/14-1/16 Greensboro, NC   Nashville, TN  
1/21-1/23 Miami, FL Austin, TX New Orleans, LA  
1/28-1/30     Shreveport, LA  
2/4-2/6 Ft. Lauderdale, FL      
2/11-2/13 Charlotte, NC Fresno, CA Baton Rouge, LA  
2/18-2/20 President's Day weekend
2/25-2/27 Dayton, OH Baltimore, MD Omaha, NE  
3/11-3/13     Grand Rapids, MI  
3/18-3/20 Tulsa, OK Atlanta, GA Kansas City, MO Reno, NV
3/25-3/27 Easter weekend
4/1-4/3 Calgary, AB Canada      
4/8-4/10 Richmond, BC Canada Chico, CA    
4/22-4/24 Vancouver, BC Canada      
4/29-5/1     Deerfield Beach, FL  
5/6-5/8     Jacksonville, FL  
5/20-5/22     Orlando, FL  
5/27-5/29 Memorial Day weekend
6/10-6/12     Las Vegas, NV  
6/17-6/19     Melbourne, FL  
7/29-7/31     Woodland Hills, CA  
8/12-8/14     Columbus, GA  
8/26-8/28     Troy, MI Nashville, TN
9/16-9/18     Boise, ID  
9/23-9/25     Boston, MA  
9/30-10/2   Peabody, AR Burlingame, CA  
10/14-10/16   Eatontown, NJ Augusta, GA  
10/21-10/23       Tumwater, WA
11/4-11/6   Fort Worth, TX Binghamton, NY  
11/11-11/13     Pasadena, CA Bellevue, WA

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Created March 23, 2006