Number:   PL-NANP-127

Date: June 30, 1998
From: R. C. Breidenbaugh - NANP Administration 202-756-5779; e-mail:
Subject: NANP - Overlay of 847 (Illinois) Numbering Plan Area (NPA) with 224 NPA

We have been advised by Ameritech that substantial telephone number growth in the 847 NPA in Chicago, IL necessitates the activation of an additional NPA to serve this area. The relief plan approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) in Consolidated Docket 97-0192/97-0211, calls for an all services overlay of the 847 NPA, and NANPA has assigned the 224 NPA code to Illinois for this purpose. As is inherent in the definition of an overlay, the 224 NPA will share the same geographic boundaries as the 847 NPA. Telephone numbers in the current 847 NPA will not be affected or changed by the implementation of the overlay.

This letter is to provide notification and details of the 847 Area Code Relief, and the Jeopardy status for the assignment of central office codes which has been declared by the Numbering Plan Administrator.

The projected operational date for the new NPA is November 7, 1998. In preparation for the introduction of the overlay code and mandatory 11-digit local dialing for the Chicago area, a permissive dialing period began on May 11, 1998, during which subscribers are encouraged to dial 1 + 10 digits (i.e., 1+NPA+NXX+XXXX) for all local calls as opposed to 7 digits.

All international and domestic carriers are asked to ensure that the new 224 NPA code ha sbeen activated throughout their networks prior to November 7, 1998. Test calls to verify routing to the new NPA code can be made by dialing 224-444-1234, effective August 15, 1998. Calls successfully completed will receive a recorded announcement. receive a recorded announcement. The test number will be disconnected on February 15, 1999.

After the beginning of the mandatory 1 + 10-digit dialing on November 7, 1998, the dialing plan for the 847 and 224 NPAs will be as follows:

The jeopardy status and conservation measures declared October 10, 1997 (PL-NANP-096) and implemented in November 1997 remain in effect. Additionally, an Industry agreed-upon Central Office Code Allocation Plan was implemented in May 1998 along with additional conservation measures ordered by the Illinois Commerce Commission. A lottery process which allocates five central office code assignments per month will continue until relief becomes available. Questions regarding the implementation of the 847 NPA overlay or the jeopardy assignment procedures may be directed to the local code administrator, Cassie Yang, Ameritech, at 248-424-1426.

Questions concerning the content of this letter may be directed to Rose Breidenbaugh at 202-756-5779.

Rose Breidenbaugh
North American Numbering Plan Administration