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"No Experience Needed..."

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Consumer Bob says, "Not only aren't they what they appear, but those "No Experience Necessary" ads can be out and out lies! People looking for work are vulnerable. And pie in the sky offers will catch their attention. Don't be a sucker. We picked 2 of those ads out of the newspaper and decided to check 'em out. And what we found is disgusting.

Scan the classifieds and you'll find plenty of Help Wanted ads. But the ones that caught our eye offer big money for no experience. Take this one. Management...apply now. No experience. Safety Corporation...earn $4,000 a month. Or this one. Manager Trainees...Missing Children. Motivated individuals needed to run our offices. No Experience...$50,000 a year."

Woman says, "Open door hi, hi." Consumer Bob says, "We wanted to see who was behind the ads, so we applied for the management job at High Tech Safety in La Mesa." Man says, "From all of us here at High Tech, we welcome you. Give yourself a hand."

Bob asks, "What is it about the newspaper ad that caught your attention?" John says, "The fact that I could earn $4,000.00 a month."

John sat with us in the training sessions. Like us he shelled out over $150.00 for registration and training. Then waited through 2 motivational talks telling us how we could earn the big bucks as managers."

John says, "They said there was no sales involved." Consumer Bob says, "But then they told us later on that there is. And you actually have to go door to door."

Man says, "Our fire extinguishers has a metal handle and an easy to read gauge."

Consumer Bob says, "So we go from a $4,000.00 a month manager job to shelling out money to sell fire extinguishers. What do the people at High Tech Safety have to say about all this. They wouldn't talk to us over the phone, so I went to see 'em."

Bob says, "We've had complaints." Woman says, "No comment." Consumer Bob asks, "Can you explain how you do business?" Woman says, "No comment, you can get out. No comment."

Consumer Bob says, "As it turns out High Tech Safety is just another multi-level marketing scheme where you make money signing up other potential managers.

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Updated February 8, 1999