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Another High-Tech Safety Experience

I took my High-Tech Safety "Basic Class" last December. I shelled out the $60 and the $95 and also had an Advanced class two days later. During that class is when they went into more detail of the sales. We had to sell $2000 worth of their fire safety products in order to pass the first step. They explained it as necessary training since we'd be hiring sales people of our own in our offices and had to know what it takes to sell the products. I was a little curious about it, but didn't question.

After a few weeks and still no $2000 sold, I got worried that they'd fire me. They kept saying that if I didn't ask a family member or friend to buy the rest from me OR buy it myself, then I'd be let go. Sooo...I asked what I should do and the office manager at the time said "Just buy it yourself! You'll be making $4000/mo in no time so you won't even miss the money!" AND I DID!!! My boyfriend cut a check for almost $1700 so that I could complete the first step and become a 'Silver Eagle'. Late in January, I turned in the check and was 'pinned' a 'Silver Eagle'.

With that accomplishment, I started my 'I.O.T.' --In Office Training-- which I really loved. It was my dream job! An office all under my supervision and control, etc. I was in heaven! But I still hadn't been told what the next step was for me. And all these people who had finished the 'Silver' step before me had just quit! I was getting a tad scared, so two days later, I cancelled my order. On the back of the receipt is states that you have 3 days to cancel your order. All you have to do is sign and date the slip and have it post-marked within the three days. So I did. But I didn't tell anyone in the office. I still wanted to complete my training, but needed that money back. And for almost two weeks everything went as planned.

My sister and our friend also became 'Silver Eagles' and started their in-office-training. The three of us kept getting hints and signs that funny stuff was going on, and we finally found out a lot more than was needed.

Another friend of ours who we met through High-Tech came in one day and said (pardon the language) "GET YOUR SHIT AND RUN!! RUN NOW, WHILE YOU STILL CAN!" She had gone all the way to 'Gold Eagle' and when she said that I got really scared. She had come in to collect all of her plaques and certificates and personal items from the training office.

The three of us became really worried then. She couldn't say much since the new manager, Frankie Garrett, was in the next room, but I called her later that night and found out a lot of stuff! I learned that High-Tech doesn't fly you down to CA for the OMC (Office Managament Candidate Convention) which is the last week of training. At OMC you have to take a big test and if you pass, then you get your own office. She also told me that when you go down to OMC, you have to have $1500 of your own money, in $100 bills, to pay for 'paperwork'.

We also found out that in order to get an office, you have to take out a personal loan!! A LOAN IN YOUR NAME!! The way I see it is so if you find out what the company's really like and quit, you're still stuck with the loan! :-(

And the fun doesn't stop there! In order to complete my next step so I could become a 'Gold Eagle', I was told that I would have to sell $3000-$5000 more in products!! I told them that the steps they give to us say nothing about more sales. All we are informed of is the initial $2000. Their remark "What do you think 'Advanced Marketing' means?" I was PISSED!!

That's when the three of us got out of the company. We aren't sure if there's anything we can do. Knowing this company, they've probably found every loophole and we can't touch them! Dirty scoundrels!

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April 14, 2000