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I just answered an ad yesterday. It is located in the Chico Enterprise Record and in the Oroville Mercury classified section. No experience, will train. $650.00/week and so on. I am sure you are familiar.

I called to see if I could pick up an application and they immediately wanted an interview. The woman I spoke with told me to bring my drivers license, my social security number and 3 references. She said if I had a resume they would like that too, but that wasn't a top priority. She also said that I would know at the end of the interview whether or not I got the position and that if I did she would need a $60.00 fee for the application paperwork.

When I got to the interview I learned I was not the only one there. This was set up as a group interview and another person showed up for that time slot. She really hyped up that it was a managerial position and how much money we would make. Who we would meet and so forth. We watched a 7 minute video about fire hazards and devastation and gave us a demo of a "fine" fire retardant that they have the patent to.

I was a little suspicious of the office that looked like they were ready to move out of. All they had on the walls were, one painting in the reception area with no receptionist, a map in the "conference room", and a bunch of articles pasted to poster paper about fire, devastation, and aftermath of every fire within a 100 mile radius of my home. On the conference table was a photo album with approximately one roll of photos from a conference, inside an office that looked similar to the one I was in and very few faces. The conference room table was the exact table the photo album was sitting on.

When I made it in to her "personal" office for my 1-on-1 interview, she seemed shaken about the questions I asked in reference to benefits, company background, locations, how long she had been with the company, and many other questions that anyone would want to know about the company in which they were applying to and knew nothing about. She was also uncomfortable with the fact that I currently own my own company and was looking into going to work for someone else for more security and a more reliable schedule. I guess it seemed odd to her.

When the interview was over she told me she would make her decision tonight and get back with me at 1:00 tomorrow. Possibly to schedule a second interview. By the way she never asked for my drivers license number, my social security number or my 3 references.

I decided to do a little checking online, about the company in which I had applied, and that is when I ran across your page. I used the link to the bbb, but when I checked into all of their details I found that they probably won't expect a report from me as I haven't really been scammed as of yet. So I thought I would write to you and let you convey my story to all of those unsuspecting people out there.

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February 24, 2000