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Just Shutup and Do It!

The message below was received from a Cagey Consumer reader regarding the articles posted about International Heritage Inc.
Take me back to the IHI Consumer Alert.

Doug wrote:

You people obviously don't have what it takes to do this business. All you guys are doing is making excuses not to do the business. So just shutup and do it!

Quit crying about the SEC issues, every company goes through it. We have been through it! We survived and we are in the best position now. We are stronger than ever. We been through the worst. There won't be anymore problems with the government. We have a Federally approved compensation plan. Do you know what that means?

It makes me so sick that all you people sit there and bitch about oh, it don't work, don't do it they'll take your money! Just shut the hell up and work. It is a business. If you treat it like one, it will react like one. I have been in the business since FEB. I made my money back my first week and then some, because I worked!! What a concept! I now have everything I could want and I am happy with where we are going.

So quit bitching and complaining, tell those lady's from the church to get off their butts and go out and work. The only reason the minister was the only one making money was because he was the only one working!!!!!!!! I make plenty more money than a lot of people in my upline simply because I work harder. Leave the company alone and go harass somebody else because we are just to good for people like you. Ta Ta.

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