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MLM Isn't Going Away

The message below was received from a Cagey Consumer reader regarding the articles posted about International Heritage Inc.
Take me back to the IHI Consumer Alert.

Charlie wrote:

You need to be updated about what the federal judge has ordered concerning IHI. This is a three year old company that has changes in its structure just like any other job in America. The thing is everyone seems to be the experts such as yourself when in fact it has passed federal scrutiny. Modifications have been made - yes. Again like any other business.

I'm sorry for your energy on this matter. Some of that could have been spent in building a productive business. What most people don't realize is the amount of work this actually takes. You get what you put in to it. Sorry but this company will be around long after your little add here is gone.

I've posted a "consumer alert" about IHI, not an advertisement. You're apparently under the illusion that I am an unhappy former IHI distributor... sorry, that won't explain my decision to post this information about IHI, since I never even considered sending them any money.
Actually you explained the old comp. plan which is not even in effect. It makes you look behind and uninformed. Might want to try and rip the new plan up and see if that can be done. You will at least be updated.
IHI may have changed its stripes, but even under "federal scrutiny," they are continuing their abusive practices. I've seen enough of the "new plan" to know that this is a program to avoid.

It's obvious by your last comments on this page that you don't have a clue how MLM's work. Try and tear Amway up with the same stuff such as actual sales volume from personnel, upline and downline. It's the same way and they have been around 40 years.

Regardless of the merits of Amway's claims to the legality of their operation, most MLMs try to distance themselves from Amway because of the large number of people who've had bad experiences with it. But I have no quarrel with non-abusive MLMs.
MLM is not going away. You should be putting your energy into something that will help yourself in retirement. This makes you no money.
And I don't doubt that, like chain letters and pyramid schemes, abusive MLMs will also be with us for another 40 years.

IHI has changed my life as a pastor who happens to be A/G.

It's unfortunate that you were left in the dust. If you want to know how to do it right I will show you how it can be done with integrity and honesty. Not all cops are bad and not all pastors are this way either. Just because you got a lemon of a car does not mean you will walk the rest of your life!

Thanks so much for the offer, but I think I'll pass.
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