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IHI Saved My Life

The message below was received from a Cagey Consumer reader regarding the articles posted about International Heritage Inc.
Take me back to the IHI Consumer Alert.

Al wrote:

I know you'll never post this on your site but ...

The Cagey Consumer took your bait. Here's your message, in its entirety.
I just wanted to let you know that IHI saved my life. My wife and I started working with IHI 6 months ago. Since then My wife has been able to stay at home with our two new born children and raise them. This would not have been possible without the extra income we earn through IHI.
How is this "saving your life"? If you're going to use such extreme hyperbole, how do you expect anybody to believe anything you say?

In business, 90% of all business [sic] fail. In MLM the ratio is probably the same. You have risk involed [sic] no matter what you do in life. Is IHI easy, no, but nothing in life worthwhile is. You get out of it what you put into it.

This is usually the line used to dismiss the complaints of those people who lost money in MLM. How come you're familiar with it?
I get paid by IHI because I sale and move their products. I also get paid on people in my downline, who I train, sale and move products.
Are you picking up this incorrect language usage (using "sale" as a verb) from your sponsor?
I hate to see you call people like myself scamers [sic] when I work hard for my money and the people in my downline work hard for their money.
So if a thief works hard, I guess you hate the idea that he might go to jail for his crime.

I've seen people get involved with IHI who do not suceed [sic], but I've observed those same people and I've never seen one with the work ethics it takes to suceed [sic] in MLM. Nor have I seen one who does what they are told they should do.

You imply that by "work ethics", you mean a willingness to do whatever one is told to do, regardless of how much that may violate one's ethics. Have you never heard that the phrase "I was only following orders" is no defense.
On the other hand I've seen people become very successful who work hard and do what they are told they should do and they have been very successful, and there [sic] not the people at the top like you make it sound, their [sic] people at all levels high and low.
There are a lot of problems with programs like IHI, but the fact that some people succeed doesn't mitigate these objections in the least. You can read the IHI Consumer Alert page to find out what these objections are.

Thanks for reading my responce [sic], I just wanted you to know that I have been successful and those who I sponcer [sic] have been successful.

What would make information from a successful representative interesting would be your total sales volume, your bona fide sales volume (excluding sales to relatives and sales associated with recruitment), similar figures for your downline as a group, income from personal sales, and income from your downline. Also, what portion of the income is paid in actual money, and what portion is paid in products.

Instead, you choose to give us platitudes blaming people for not having the proper "work ethic." I don't think so!

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