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Although Five Line blows away 10-10-220, you can get the same rate on GTC's 5¢ a minute and still have no monthly plan fees or minimums. Use Cagey's rate calculators to find the best deal for you.
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Cagey's Long Distance Rate Calculators
Confused by minimum charges, monthly fees, and per-call surcharges? To use these rate calculators, all you need to provide are the total number of long distance calls and the total number of minutes for those calls. It will show the range of charges for each of more than 30 calling plans.

There are two rate calculators available:

Pre-Subscribed Rate Calculator
This rate calculator compares plans to which you need to pre-subscribe.

Dial-Around Rate Calculator
This rate calculator compares dial-around programs and certain oher programs which are not designed or promoted for use as a preferred long distance carrier.

Other Rate Comparison Tools

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Updated October 9, 2001