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Experience with General Instruments 4DTV System

As hyped by General Instruments in this press release, 4DTV is the "next dimension in satellite entertainment", providing over 600 channels of programming. But consumers considering purchasing such systems should bear in mind the complexities that may be involved in using such equipment. Here is one person's experience:
General Instruments has proclaimed that its 4dtv units (on the market since April) are the next level in TV. The program guides, ON SAT, ORBIT, etc. carried articles saying that when you purchase the unit you'll get all the channels which went digital. Not so.

Programmers have blamed GI; GI blames the programmers. The stories change daily.

Example, one pay per view digital service TVN is up and running but no one can purchase a movie. Of course, it was FREE. And, according to one programmer, who checked their reception, it still is. But mine is not.

Further, although the guide states that extra Showtime and Starz/Encore channels are one activates them. AND, I still want my Court TV. Purchasing the over a grand unit, didn't get me COURT TV or, as another programmer said, FREE services while they are tested.

Who's to blame? At this rate, I'd have been better off with a DISH NET or DSS unit.

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