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Q & A from Geneva Healthways

Geneva Healthways provided these answers in response to questions sent in by a recipient of one of their solicitations.
How much does the sales literature weigh?
The Geneva Health Cookie Brochures can be sent as first class mail for $0.33.

How do I receive the advance $1 payment for each envelope addressed?
Your payment comes from the "Inquiry Response" Program. You post ads in your community with tear off slips that instruct individuals interested in receiving additional information regarding our weight loss product to mail $1 to "Diet Cookie Dept" with your address listed. When you receive the $1, you then mail out the literature, making sure that you place your individual dealer ID number in the appropriate box. Any orders received are credited to your dealer ID number.

Do I get paid a commission on the orders you receive from the letters I mailed?
You will receive 50% of the purchase price on all orders with your dealer ID number. These amounts are tallied weekly and commission checks are cut on Thursday of each week.

How many addresses, sales letters and envelopes will I get guaranteed within one month/year?
The initial starter packet includes 20 hot prospect names and addresses, 40 envelopes, 40 brochures and 40 reply envelopes (20 for the hot prospects and 20 for the inquiry responses you will receive after posting in your area), a sample of how to stuff the envelope (based on studies), a dealer instruction manual, 4 post up ads (inquiry response), sheet of type set labels, pen, id number and sample of the Geneva Health Cookie and a dealer supply reorder form. You are able to either order supplies from our company (we order large bulk orders and pass the savings on to you) or you can obtain your own supplies via you own methods (list brokers in your area, office supply stores, etc.) and continue mail marketing that way. As one of our dealers, you are free to photocopy our information for your use.

Please call 949-399-2491 if you have further questions
Fresno Bee article (8/17/1998)
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