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Thank you for your interest in First USA and how they take advantage of their customers. This web site is dedicated to factual examples of how First USA exploits their customers. Please read this example of what they did to me, I would HIGHLY recommend not dealing with them. However, if you do please use caution.

My Horror Story with First USA

I sent in an application for their credit card with a 5.9% introductory rate which was to last six months. After that time the rate was to increase to 13.99%. I used the card and was relatively happy with them and their interest rates so I used it more and more. After a had a relatively large balance that I had no hope of paying off quickly. They raised my interest rate without any notice to 21.99%!! That's right, they almost doubled it. Suddenly the payments I had been making now barely covered the finance charge. I can assure you I have spotless credit, and I even checked every single one of my First USA statements to make sure I didn't somehow mess up and make a late payment, sure enough I never once made a late payment to them.  I called their customer support assuming it must just be a mistake. I was told that the bank had the right to change the rates whenever they felt like it to whatever interest rate they wanted. This is called a "bait and switch" scam, and it's down right unethical to wait until a customer can't pay off their card, then doubling the interest rates. Luckily my local credit union was more than glad to bail me out. I'm no longer a First USA customer. However I wanted to warn as many people as possible what could happen to them if they become a First USA customer. You may reget it!

Other's Horror Stories About First USA (Please post new ones at the Discussion list)

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Known Scams Pulled Off by First USA (If you know of others please let me know)

1. Bait and Switch - (Luring you in with a "too good to turn down offer" then raising the interest rate.

2. Not actually giving a Fixed Interest Rate as promised - Read the fine print of the application you signed, it states they can (and they will) raise the interest rate whenever they want for no reason.

3. Violating Regulation Z in the Truth in Lending Act - They are required by law to notify you if they do change the interest rate. However they never notified me or anyone else that has contacted me or given me examples.

4. Changing the "days in the billing cycle" which ends up costing you more in the long run.

5. Depositing your payments made to them promptly, but they wait up to 4 weeks to credit your account so they can charge you more interest.

6. Sending people "Phone Cards" in the mail, however they are actually First USA credit cards in disguise and subject to all the above scams.

7. Selling your name and address to other telemarketing companies, and doing unsolicited calls themselves to try and gain new customers, many people have complained of First USA calling them 2 -3 times per day and not taking no for an answer.

Feedback on this Website

Here is some feedback about this website from people who were lucky enough to read this page before signing on the dotted line, and some feedback from customers who canceled their cards because of this page:


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Courses of Action to take if First USA Scammed you!

1. Anonymously post your example on our Discussion List to help warn others and voice your opinion!!!

2. Email and tell them your story and that you think they should do a story on this corrupt bank.

3. First USA is Regulated and can be shut down by the Comptroller of the Currency(OCC)
      Click here to learn how to file a formal complaint against First USA

4. Place a complaint online with the Better Business Burea:

5. Join the Class Action Lawsuit in progress against First USA. This lawsuit is for them allegedly changing interest rates of their customers after telling them it was a "fixed interest rate". If this happened to you please contact the following attorney:

Law Offices of Phil Goldsmith
222 SW Columbia Street Suite 1450
Portland, OR  97201
(503)222-7288 fax

Alternatives to First USA Credit Cards

Here is a great search engine for the best credit card rates. Unfortunately because of First USA's scams they are usually at the top of the list, however there are many banks out there who easily match or beat First USA's deals, but these banks are reputable and treat their customers right. So, just pick one of the other banks besides First USA, but I would suggest being a wary customer and doing research on any bank you are thinking about getting a card with.  When using the search engine I'd  suggest using the "No Annual Fee" option on the search. Here is the link, I hope it helps you in your search for credit freedom! Low APR Credit Card Search Engine

How to Contact Me, or Get Your Example Listed on This Page:

Due to the hundreds of examples we receive every month I can no longer manually add new examples to this website.  However we have added a discussion forum where you can easily search all posted examples and anonymously post your own factual examples of how you were scammed.  If you have any true stories of how First USA took advantage of you please post them at First Scams Discussion List. If you would like to submit suggestions to us or ask questions you may still contact us at: Thank you for your support!

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