Example 96

I just found your web page and found it very interesting.  We were
scammed by this bank as well.  We have a Bank One visa..the interest
remained low until we put on a large sum of money.  Now they changed our
interest rate to 22.99%.  Their reasoning? One (1) Late payment...2 days
late.  Angery is not the word for the way I feel about this!

Example 97

I recently rec'd. a phone call from a Marketing Representative of First USA
informing me of a special offer to keep my 5.9% interest until October 1998.
I have called First USA questioning the 12.9% interest rate on my statement.
I was told by the Marketing Representative that my "entire" account would be
at 5.9% until 10/98 for all balance transfers and purchases!  According to
Customer Service at First USA, this is not true!  Only balance transfers are
at 5.9%, but I still have not rec'd. the 5.9% interest, but a 12.9% interest
rate.  I did a $500.00 transfer on 3/31/98 in order to keep the 5.9% interest,
but Customer Service does not even show the balance transfer has taken place.
The $500.00 balance has posted to my other credit card with Advanta Bank.
Customer Service also told me the 5.9% interest rate was only until July 1998
not October 1998 as I was told.

First USA Bank hires Marketing Representative to represent their service to
CUSTOMER.  In fact, I don't think that the people calling on the phone even
know what they are doing!  I find this incredible.

Even though I was told one thing when I made the balance transfer, First USA
does not honor what the Marketing Rep. told me.  So I am now paying 12.9%
interest (I have a feeling it will go up without warning) instead of the 5.9%
interest rate that I should be paying.

I am only an authorized user on this account and I was told by First USA
customer service that I actually could not make any balance transfers on the
account, even though the Marketing Rep. called my home number and ask for me.
The account is actually in my Sister's name and she was aware of the

Something has got to be done about First USA.  I am writing the Georgia
Secretary of State Office to file a complaint, along with the Better Business
Bureau in Atlanta.  I will also write Dateline NBC and register a complaint.

If you can help me, please let me know.

Thank you,

Example 98
Thank you for your web site.I cut my cards in half this morning and sent
them back with a letter terminating my account.Everything that has happened
to you and others,I've been through.Janurary I bought my computer and
discovered the web.Feburary I discovered online banking and made my first
online payment to First USA. The bank is paying this bill one week before
the due date so there is no way I think it is going to be late.WRONG! The
check cleared the bank but was not posted until I had my bank contact First
USA questioning why.Payment was posted ten days after it was received along
with the $25 late fee I had been charged.This was only done because my bank
was now envolved. One week later I received notice that I needed to send
them front and back copy of the check along with my bank statement showing
where it had been paid. The check indicated a posting date prior to the due
date and an incorrect account number entered by First USA even though the
account # on the check entered by my bank was correct. Two weeks after
providing them with the information requested, I received another letter
claiming they had not yet received it and was going to recharge my account
for the payment and late fee. I called them again to get their fax number
and was given the wrong number. I finally had my bank fax them the
information. They raised the late fee up in Feb. from $20 to $25 and are
raising it up again May 1 to $29. I have gone from the 5.9% to 18.24%. I
felt First USA had begun stealing my money.Now I know they are.

Example 99

 I just wanted to share this information with others so they can beware of what
I believe is a scam First USA Visa is pulling.  I recently received my credit
card statement and it showed a transaction to the "Home Garden Club" for
$49.95.  I would never join such a club so I called the "Home Garden Club".
They informed me that I was automatically enrolled when I endorsed and cashed
a check sent from First Usa Visa for $4.00.  I have no recollection of this
check nor does my bank.  Nevertheless, it is a scam.  The customer agent
agreed to reverse the charge but had the nerve to try to sell me into the
club.  Following this call, I immediately called First Usa to cancel my
account and express my feelings about this issue.  First Usa also agreed to
remove the charge without question.  About an hour later, I received a so
called courtesy call from a First Usa Visa representative apologizing for the

Example 100

Thank God that I found your web site.  I thought that it was just me,
but apparently I'm not the only one going through this living hell.

All of the things on your web site have occurred to me.  However I'm
about to
give you a BRAND NEW LOW of unethical behaivor.

Late fees.

When First USA assesses you a late fee, they give you a $25.00 charge.
Apparently they ALSO raise your APR rate when you are assessed a late
fee.  Where this appears in the cardmember agreement, I don't know, but
that's the policy I was quoted over the phone.

Curiously enough...whenever I ask for written confirmation of these new
policies, they never give them to me.

Ok, now, on with the late fees.  Do you know of the new "unwritten"
policy that says that payments should be mailed 7 to 10 business days
before the due date to ensure proper receipt of payment?  Let's ask a
simple question...how long do you suppose it takes a first class letter
to get from a post box in Philadelphia to a post office box in Atlanta.
Common sense tells you it would take 4, maybe 5 days.

I sent my April payment in the mail on March 31st for a due date of
April 6, 1998.  However, this month's statement showed that I was
assessed a late fee for a payment that was not credited to me account
until April 13.  April 13!!!  Did it really take 2 weeks to get there???

Or is it more likely that since my payment was not "receieved" within
the recommended 7-10 day period that they have an excuse to blame the
post office and to assess me a late fee and raise my rates???

This is the second time in the past three months that I have been
assessed a late fee under circumspect conditions.  So when I called to
complain about this months late fee, I found out about ANOTHER unwritten
policy.  They can only reverse one late fee per year!

Help me!  Give me your recommendations!  Give me your lawyer's name!
Pass the word on this NEW scam!

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