Example 91

On January 5 of this year, I sent payment for my full balance, which I
always pay, to First USA.  I was notified by them on January 19 that I
had not paid the minimum payment on my account.  I checked online with
my credit union, and my check had not yet cleared.  I called First USA
and they said they hadn't received my check, and to send another one to
cover the amount.  I asked not to have interest added, since I had paid
early, and they said they would look into it.  Two days later, when I
looked at my checking account on line, my first check had been cashed.
I called them and told them that I couldn't afford to have both checks
cashed, so if they cashed both before I could stop payment on the second
one, I wanted them to send me a check to cover the double payment.  They
didn't wait, and sent me a check.  Since I was able to successfully stop
payment, I sent  back their check, with "REFUSED" in bold letters across
the face of it.  They nonetheless added the check amount to my next
statement, and have been adding interest charges ever since.  I have
asked them to send me a copy of the cancelled check, if they  think I
cashed it, but they have not attempted to justify their claims in any
way.  They just keep adding interest to my account, which I have quit
using.  They never gave an explanation of why they held my first check
for 17 days before cashing it.  They seem to be just hoping I'll cave
and pay them, but I won't.

Example 92

   No I was lucky enough not to be suckered in...BUT here is another
example of just how this company does its business,,

  I lost my first husband over 4 yrs ago..Neither one of us had ever
done business with them.We had lived in the same small town for over 20
yrs.  I remarried about 3 yrs after his death, moved into a new city
with a new name...

   Yep you guessed it... I have been hounded by this and many other
banks to take out a credit card, or a loan consolidation, or a mortgage
loan, but the funny thing is.. IT IS SENT TO MY DEAD HUSBAND,USING HIS
has never lived any where near here!!!Nor are the two names in anyway
remotely similar.  Does that tell you how well they research their
prospective clients.... They dont give a s---. They are just out to bilk
another fool.....

Example 93
I just got off the phone with Shera from First USA.  My apr was raised
to 24.18%.....and they erroneously charged me a late fee last month;
even though my payment was 8 days early.  She said that they would take
the charge off, but that it could take 30 days (I'm sure it will take at
least that long).  I know that I've been late on a few payments which
has lead to this; but I was never contacted about it.

My account with them will be closed soon.

I don't care if you use my name.

Brett Helling

Example 94
I have a First USA scam I haven't seen on your site.  First USA is the credit
card for Walden books, and the two companies promise "book coupons" issued at
5.00 per $1000 charged on the card.  I went for this a couple of years ago,
and had to go to the state regulating agency in Delaware to get the
coupons--that stinking bank owed me over $700 in coupons due to the two year
lag time, etc.

It should be illegal (isn't it??) to promise a premium and then not deliver.
They kept blaming the computer or Walden books, but Walden books was always
very nice, and some of the phone reps there told me off the record that since
that deal went through, their lives had become a living hell.  I took a pile
of their credit card applications from my local bookstore last year, and sent
them approximately 25 of them with a letter enclosed telling them what a bunch
of sleazy bastards they were.  Somehow, sending that message on their nickel
gave me a warm fuzzy glow.

Thanks for your site.  I came across it when looking at the nightmare that is
Advanta bank, which I now have the misfortune of battling.  It seems that a
lot of sleazy banks headquarter themselves in Delaware.  Wish the regulaters
would get a clue.


Example 95

The First-USA scam story I have relates to my parents.  They too were
offered the low 5.9% introductory rate.  Soon the rate went to around 13%,
nothing too unmanageable since charges were usually paid during the grace
period.  What was puzzling were the large number of assorted late fees that
began to crop up.  All payments were submitted in timely fashion but
notices came that payments were late!?!  Many times these "late" payments
were "received" beyond the grace period.  Recently, the interest rate
jumped to an eye popping 21.99% without notice.  Then First-USA came with
their usual BS about payment being late blah blah blah.  My parent
immediately paid off and canceled the card.  I can't believe any company
can perpetrate such blatantly illegal behavior.  I have written to every
possible agency on behalf of my parents.  I encourage others to do the
same.  Remember to write to Dateline NBC at Dateline@NBC.com.

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