Example 86

I just found your site, while trying to connect to First USA and see if I could find a clue as to why they raised my interest rate to 21.99 percent!!  Like everyone else, they sucked me in with a low rate balance transfer deal.  Unfortunately, I transferred a pretty sizeable balance.  Everything was fine for a while, then out of the clear blue sky they upped the rate - no notice and no explanation.  When I called they basically said they raised it because they could.  I've never had a late payment, and always pay far more than the minimum due, but I can't afford to pay it all off now... I think we should shut the b...t  ds down!

Example 87

My story is a little different but I have been ripped by First USA  as
well. I have a small but thriving computer business and signed up with
First USA to process my merchant credit card transactions. I had been
set up with them for about a year with no problems. One of my customers
called and ordered over $10,000 worth of computer equipment. I usually
ask for a deposit but because they placed a large order previously and
had no problem I delivered there equipment. On arrival I found out that
the my client was stuck in Japan and would be back in a couple of days
to pay for his invoice. Days passed and no payment but his secretary
said she would have him fed ex a check from Japan. Two weeks later I
called again and threatened to take back the computers if I didnt
recieve payment. An Asain gentleman came to the phone and apolized for
the delay and told us to put it on his credit card, which we did.  The
whole amount would not fit but we gladly took what we could and agreed
to settle the balance later by check.  Two months later First USA sent
me a letter stating that my client was disputing the charges saying that
he had never done business with us before and had not ordered the
products in question.  We sent back to First USA our copy of the
invoice, and the invoice for the prior transaction (that he signed ) and
copies of his check that cleared our bank.  I thought I was safe by
providing them with good solid evedence that this gentleman placed the
order.  Well,   4 months later with out warning , my bank account was
debited 6,500 for the gentelmans invoice plus the foriegn currencly
exchange( grand total 8,000 dollars) Not to mention all my credit card
sales for that month (3,000) not even related to this mans
transacitions. I tried for days to get someone there to help me but all
they could say was it would be investigated and if I was in the right I
would get my money back.  Also, they cut of my merchant account and was
no longer able to process credit cards at my office.  I also had to go
back to my clients whose  payment was taken from me and ask them to
repay me .  Some did and never recieved a credit on their credit card
statement. So they ended up paying for the computers twice.
Even though first usa closed my account they still had the nerve to
debit my $25 statement fee from my account and charge me a fee of $ 30
because I had not met my minimum monthly charge requirment. This went on
for a couple of months. No matter how I tried no one would talk to me at
first usa claiming my account was closed and they had nothing more to
say to me.  ONe day my bank manager called me to say that an
orginization was trying to electronicly  debit my account for $8,000
plus another $3,000 dollars!  They tried to take the money AGAIN!   This
time I called first usa screaming at them, finally the girl talked to me
and told me that yes they were going to take the money again and that is
the policy.  If their is a dispute then the holding dept takes the money
and holds it then the investigation dept takes over and withdrawls the
money agian. Once the investigation is over with you may get some of it
back she said.   Well , I closed my bank account and opened another one
at a different bank so I could not be debited again by them.  I have not
recieved a dime from them and its been almost a year. I have not been
able to find the gentleman who charged his computers since he moved back
to Japan and my company was out equipment and money!

Example 88
Today I received an interesting piece of mail from First USA.  It came
addressed to my mother, but was sent to my address.  I do not live in the
same state as my mother.  Inside was a First USA Platinum Connect card with
my mother's name on it.  All I needed to do was call 1-800-535-0003 to
activate the card!

So being the devious, amoral daughter that I am, I called the number.  They
wanted her social security number.  I just happened to have that.  They
wanted her birthdate.  What loving daughter doesn't know when her mother's
birthday is?  I gave them that too!  In just five minutes I had activated
the card and within another 30 minutes, I had maxed out the $6000 limit on
the card.  (I do a lot of catalog and Internet shopping)

Okay, okay, I'm lying.  I didn't activate the card.  But I could have!  This
company scares me....who in the US is getting a First USA Platinum card with
my name plastered on it?   With *your* name?

Example 89
I was rather pleased to find your web site today.  I was searching for
information about First USA bank to determine which regulating board needed
to receive my complaint.  I have been in an ongoing battle with First USA
since July of 1996.  That is when they raised my interest rate from 13.99
to 18.99%.  They did, however, notify me of the intended change, at which
point I closed my account in order to pay it off under the original
agreement.  First USA, true to form, did not close the account and raised
the interest rate anyway.  Unlucky for them, I have a copy of the letter
they sent to me confirming my request to close the account.  I argued for
months with customer service about this, until I finally refused to talk to
them.  I told them to quit calling my home, and they did not.  finally,
late last year, they sold my account to a collection agency.  I sent them a
letter detailing the circumstances surrounding this account, and they sold
the account back to First USA based on the fact that it was not a valid
debt!  They have since sold it another collection agency with the same
result!  For many months, I was not overly concerned with their tactics as
nothing was showing up on my credit report.  However, they have now begun
reporting delinquencies.  They are not indicating that the account is under
dispute, something else they are required by law to do.

I will be more than happy to file a complaint with the BBB, the Federal
Reserve, your attorney, and anyone else who cares to listen.  If you have
any other suggestions on who to contact, feel free to pass them on!

Good luck in your endeavors!

Example 90

In September 1997, I had my P.C. upgraded and the charge
of $849.85 was duly charged to my First USA Platinum
Master Card.

Shortly afterwards, I discovered that the technicians had
made a mess of my System and I have had trouble ever since.  Many attempts
to contact the Service company were
completely ignored by them.

On October 25-97 I made my first report to First USA and
they said they would send me forms to complete.  I waited
and waited and in the meantime I still tried to get some
satisfaction from the service company.  Eventually, I
phoned them again and they said they would send the forms again.  Still
nothing, so in the end I wrote them a lengthy letter on December 11-97,
attaching copies of all
the requested invoices, charges, etc.

Still no response, so I phoned again, they said they had
not received my Letter of December 11, so I wrote again
on December 30-1997, providing them with the same information.

On January 19,1998 I received a letter from them saying they could do
nothing as the purchase has to be over $500.00 and the purchase had to be
made within 100 miles
of my residence.   It is exactly 35 miles from my Summer
home to the Service Technician's Company.

I telephoned them - they said they would check into it.
I called back on January 28-1998, spoke to a girl called
Gina, who completed an "Escalation Form and told me in
future to call First USA office in Temp, Arizona at 888-203-0696 and speak
to - Shane Ruyle -, whose extension number was given as 6312.

Since then I have called back on February 9, and almost daily since then.
Each time I get only a voice mail on
which I am allowed to leave my name and telephone number
and told my call would be returned - however, it never has.  I have also
left identical messages with someone
called Gene Boyer - Ext. 6835, who is a Manager in Tempi
Arizona.  He has not called back either.

I am really getting extremely frustrated and will certainly get in touch
with all the sites, mentioned in
your web-site.  Better Business Bureau and NBC and will
send them an identical letter to this one.

Do you by any chance know the name of the current CEO
and/or President and the address at which they are located?    It would be
a help.

Many thanks for any assistance you can give me.

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