Example 81

I'm unsure if First USA Visa and First Card Visa are the same, but if
they are, I am being scammed by both of them.  I started with the First
Card Gold Visa while in college.  They gave me a large balance, which
after graduation was used up quite quickly trying to make ends meet and
find a job.  That card started with 4% interest.  in 6 months it jumped
to 18%.  Obviously that wasn't getting paid off anytime soon.  When I
had a job and tried to decrease my debt, I transferred most of that
balance to a First USA Visa.  Again, 4% interest and a promise of only
raising it to 11%.  So, tranfer away.  I continued to pay both minimum
payments and the balance slowly decreased.  The problem, I had cut up
the First Card Visa so I could try to close the account.  I needed
credit and used the First USA Visa and they kept approving me so I had
no idea my card was over the limit u I received my statement one month
and it was $500 over.  And this wasn't just one purchase.  About 15
purchases put me over the limit.  When I called they told me they hadn't
contacted me about this or declined me so as not to embarass me.
Whatever!  So  they tried to charge me late fees and overthelimit fees
and higher interest on that portion.  I called foul each and every month
and was actually successful in getting the customer service rep. on the
phone to reverse the charges.  I was told it would go through each month
and each month I would have to call until the balance is under the
limit.  Fine, I do that.  Then a payment was "late" because of their
processing and then I sent one in that arrived 5 days late because of
the holidays.  These "late" payments have now resulted in my interest
rate increasing to 23%.  I was not made aware of this.  Again I found
out through my statement.  When I called, I was told this was their new
policy from November, and I had received a notice in my billing
statement as to the rule.  So when I disputed it, they told me to write
the credit department and they couldn't change it.  I think it is First
USA trying to scam once again.  You see, the latest statement is the
first one I've received that my balance would be under the maximum
allowed.  I think now that they can't stick me on the fees, etc., they
are trying to slow my process to pay the balance.  Why else would they
wait from December until March if November and December are the months I
apparently violated this rule?
I am fed up and wrote them demanding they close my account.  I demanded
they reverse the increase in interest.  Yet no response.
Basically, I write to vent my anger and frustration with this
situation.  My credit is ruined (or at least it feels that way).
If you have suggestions of ways to resolve this, please let me know.
Thank you.

Example 82

I had a Bank One Visa since January 1994.  Last year Bank One was obtained
by First USA.  My February 1998 statement had my normal interest rate of
14.45%.  My March 199 statement had a rate of 22.99!  When I called to ask
why they, after "researching" it, said that it had been re-priced because
of two late payments in six months.  And, that the re-pricing information
had been provided in the statements in November 1997and January 1998.  Of
course, if you're like me, you tend not to read everything that comes with
statements, because it's usually advertisements of some kind or another. I
asked them to re-send that information.  Oh, and they also said that the
practice of re-pricing was in my cardholder agreement.  Well, I signed with
Bank One, not First USA.  Needless to say, I canceled my credit card right
then and there.  It was curious though; the representative's tone of voice
sounded like this was not the first cancellation she had received.  She
sounded almost disheartened; like she didn't like her job for some reason.
Hmmm, I wonder why...

Example 83
I wish I would of seen this site before I signed on with First USA
Platinum.  I received that great introductory offer of 6.9% and after that it would be 13.9%, needless to
say it never stopped at 13.9 it continued to clim to 23.9%.  When I tried to pay off my account and
close it, I kept getting statements that said my account was past due.  When I called customer
service they reversed the charges and even told me I had an $8.32 credit.  The customer service
rep ensured me that my account was closed and that I wouldn't receive any more statements from

The next month I received a statement that said I owed them $8.22.  I
called customer service again and they told me that I still owed interest and that the other customer
rep should never have told me my account was closed.  When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told
that I couldn't speak to one and I would have to leave a message and someone would get back with
me in 72 hours.  After I refused to wait I finally got to speak with T.J. Williams who
basically called me a liar and wouldn't stand by what their employees tell the customer.  He assured me
that if I sent the $8.22 I would not receive any more statements.  I mailed my check on the 7th of
the month and it wasn't due until the 16th, well within the 5 business days to make sure I didn't
get anymore late fees.

The next month I received another statement that said I now owed them
$34.95.  When I called customer service again I spoke with Debbie McCollum who told me that my
payment was late and that's why I was assessed at $25.00 late fee and the other charge of
$9.95 I would have to call the company who billed it to my account.  I asked how can someone charge to
my account if I closed it over 2 months ago.  All she told me was that someone can continue to
charge, as long as I have a balance due.  Debbie did reverse the charges for the late charge, which
brought my account back to 0.  I requested that she fax me a signed letter stating that my account
was closed and that I would not receive anymore statements.  I never received my fax ... I called
the next day and spoke with 6 different people of which I had to explain to everyone of them my
problem.  I finally got an Elizabeth Hamilton to agree to fax me my letter if I faxed her a letter stating I
gave her permission to fax my account information.  Needless to say the fax number I got from
Elizabeth was not a working number.  One of the reps refused to tell me whom I was speaking with and
told me that they have other callers and that she couldn't help me.  I asked her for a phone
number of someone who could, she didn't have one, I then asked for the phone to the corporate
headquarters and she told me that the president was a very busy man and didn't have time to talk with
someone like me.

I'm still battling with First USA to close my account ... The attorney
General is my next step.  My only hope by sending this message is that no one else will have to
experience the nightmare that I have been going through with First USA.

Example 84
 Your site is very interesting. It appears my sister and I are not alone
in our contempt for first usa bank's policies and procedures.

I have a first usa card and did not have problems with them until
recently.  First, they delayed processing my payment for approximately
three weeks and charged me interest and late fees in the interim.
Fortunately, I got those charges removed. However, three months later,
they "misdirected" another payment and attempted the same charges.  I
have been able to resolve these problems, but they have raised
suspicions.  I think that two billing errors within three months are
remote compared to other banks, especially since Chase Manhattan
processed a payment within two business days of mailing it.  I have
decided to never use my first usa card again.  My sister has also had
poor experiences with first usa.  They have a bad habit of raising the
rate on her account to the point that she will cancel her card. Also,
check your credit reports if you do cancel a first usa card because it
may state that the card was canceled by first usa and not by the
customer.  This detail may or may not be important.

Example 85

How sad to find that so many others, like myself,  feel abused by First

For the privelege of having their gold card over the past several years,
I have earned what must be their highest interest rate: 22.99%. I've
been late on a couple of monthly payments over the years, and have paid
the $25 late fee each time.

A few months ago, they sent me a lovely direct mail piece, suggesting I
consolidate some of my other balances, using their convenience checks.
No special, reduced rate offer--just betting I'm unaware enough that I
would consider such an idiotic solicitation.

I'm now happy to say that I've paid off my balance, and am through. The
only lingering element remaining is those sappy TV commercials with the
husband and wife discovering that First USA has a low, fixed
introductory rate. I am compelled to change channels every time I see

Thanks for the release valve.

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