Example 76

Add me to the list of people screwed by this credit card co.  I was a couple
of days late paying my bill, (which I never am but I was away and forgot to
mail the payment before I left for my trip).  When I got back I had a surprise
waiting for me, a new statement from first usa showing the $50.00 balance I
owed plus a $20.00 late fee.  Then later that day I was out at a restaurant
and tried to use the card.  I was embarassed when the waitress told me my
credit card had been denied.  So much for the supposed $25,000.00 credit line
I received w/ my platinum card.  Which by the way they sent me unsolicited.
You can be assured this card is will be sent back to first usa cut in half.

Keep up the good work alerting people to these scams.

Example 77

  Im like everyone else i got suckered in!!!!
I got the 4.9% intro rate also. I transferred 3 accounts coming to a
grand total of $5,000.00 . shortely after  the 6 months were up my
percentage rate went up to 14.49% after that i sent my payment in plenty
of time to get there on time, but they said it was late and i got
charged $25.00 late fee. I called them and told them there was no way it
could have been late, after arguing with them for 5 or 10 minutes they
said they would knock off the late charge.
The next statement i received my intrest rate jumped up to 21.24%. I
called them and asked why? They told me the board of directors met and
voted for a change in the intrest rate. I asked them if this affected me
only or was it for everyone and they replied for everyone.
As of today 3-23-98 my min. payments are $159.00 of this only $19.00
goes toward the rest is intrest $140.00!!!!!.
The other cards i transferred from were not that low of a intrest rate
but they were a lot better than 21.24%. I think the other intrest rates
i had before my transfer was 13.39%      BILLY

Example 78
I had the exact same experience with First USA.  Right now my account has
over $3,000.00 on it (I have opened a new account with my local bank) and
the interest rate is now somewhere in the 20% range.  I was not informed of
the increase, it merely appeared on my statement.  It had been at this rate
for quite a while before I even noticed.  I am also charged $25 every time
my payment is not received by 8 am on the 16th of every month (it is due on
the 10th, I know its late but most creditors give you 7 to 10 days)

Example 79
 I just received a First USA Platinum Connect Card. I did NOT request this
card. In fact when their telemarketing goon called me recently, I told him
not to call again and place me on their do not call list and then hung up
on him before he could even give his sales pitch!

When I called First USA about the card I was told (I paraphrase here) that
it doesn't hurt anything since the card has to be "authorized" before it
can be used. While this may be true, this new credit card scam makes me
mad! The main problem is that too many credit cards listed against my name
will lower my credit rating, which I've worked vary hard to establish and

I'm currently trying to find out if there is any legal action that can be
taken against First USA for this VERY unscrupulous practice!

Keep the fight going!

Example 80

My wife and I have had the same Interest rate increases as everyone else
has mentioned plus.....  When we first applied for the card the first card
didn't arrive so we called them and they said they had sent it out some
time ago.  So they supposedly canceled that card and sent us another one.
This all happened the fall of 1996.  In November of 1997 we decided to
refinance our mortgage and to out surprise we got a bad credit report.  It
turned out the card we didn't get was not canceled and had a balance of
$56.  It also had 8 months of non payment reports on our credit report.
During this whole time we never got a statement for this account so we
didn't know it even existed.  After about 10 phone calls and three faxes we
got it fixed and the removed the charges and fixed our credit report.  We
have something else happening now.  Since November 1997 we have not
received a statement from them.  So we have to call them and get a copy
sent to us (these arrive just fine). Of course our payments are late and we
can't catch up because the interest rate is 19.9%.  When we call we have
heard everything from the Atlanta post office is overloaded to the don't
know what is happening.

We pay them $300+ per month and our balance ($15000) never goes down. How
can this be?  I asked for a detailed description of haw the payments were
made and of the payment $120 went to the principle.  If this is so
shouldn't balance go down (even very slowly).  Instead it goes up and we
are over our limit by $300.  We have not used the card since April of 1997.
We are trying to find a way out of this mess but no luck yet.  I like the
idea of using there offers to transfer the balance to a lower rate.  But, I
don't want to go through all this again.

This is a great site keep it going as long as you can.

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