Example 71

Thanks for responding.  Glad to hear it was just a server problem.  I was
concerned that First USA attorneys had shut you down too.

We were sucessful in obtaining over $300.00 refund defined at *Finance Charge*
purchases refund on our last billing statement.  Ofcourse First USA did not
share any of the calculations so we will attempt to figure out what they did
from our over charged statements.  Nor have they sent any correspondence of

We filed complaints with; Delaware BBB, Delaware State Attorney, our home
State Attorney and the FDIC.  We "copied" the president of First USA with each
of the complaints filed.  At this point, I have no idea which complaint was

Eventhough First USA has credited back on finance charges, I do not want to
drop our complaint.  I feel that First USA broke our contract and will
continue this business practice until they are stopped.  I suspect that the
FDIC is the agency that is chartered to keep First USA in check, do you agree?

Thanks again.  I've learned so much since first visting your web site!  ;D

Example 72

I did not know at the time I was being scamed. I wish I had seen this
before I applied for an account. Anyway I requested a transfer from my
Mastercard that was 22.l% to firstusa's 5.9%.  THey transferred 1,500.00
to an american express card that had been payed off several years ago.
when I realized what happened I called and told them how could you make
that mistake when I clearly wrote the account number on the
application.  after several weeks it was cleared from my firstusa
account but I am sure now that I read the other horror stories that I
was charged interest for the mistake they made. believe me I will be
looking at my statement very closely to make sure they do not raise my
interest rate without my knowledge.  thanks for the insight.

Example 73
As a current card holder of First USA I was contacted tonight by a First
USA solicitor by telephone.  I was told that they would cover my
"family" by providing some sort of insurance.  When I asked if this
would cover my Gay partner of 11 years ( our income is $137,000.00
combined ) the reply was; and I only quote; "Fuck you' and this woman
hung up on me.  I tried to *69 back however it was denied to the number
First USA was calling from. We immediately cancelled our $18000.00 line
of credit with First USA and they seemed not to have cared less than why
we were cancelling with them.  Citibank is more than happy to accept us
as A#1 Gay clients!  In fact Citibank is a faithfull advetiser on
Lesbigay Radio AM750 here in Chicago 7AM to 9AM CST and I will be
addressing this situation on Worlwide radio via the net next week.  We
are advising ANYONE considering First USA to absolutley choose one of
the other hundreds of credit card issuers!  Thank You.

Example 74
    I to fit this example of others.  Lured in with the fixes
percentage, then the bomb at 19.99%.  I even get my bills late from this
company.  I have talked with them to send earlier an/or to change the
billing dates. I am overseas and I waste money calling them to plesae
help out.  well as normal, the billing date was changed, but the bills
still kept coming within 5 days of payment due.  I have two cards with
these floks and paying off as fast as I can.  Wish there was something
else I could do.   Lost in it all....

Example 75

Hello, I am so glad that you are taking time of your time to have a weeb
site and warn all the inocent people out there not knowing about this
co.  I had First USA for a few years and never had a problem.  My
husband applied for First USA "gold card" because its not easy to get a
gold credit card just because.  I am against credit card and thanks God
we hardly charge anything.  So on November 31 1997 and individual charge
7,564.34 to our account using one of the blank checks they send you to
use a regular checks.  We can not explain how that person got a hold of
a blank check, because every time a got them on the mail I wrote void on
them and riped them in thousand pieces!!! I never like them sending me
those blank checks.  It happened that it was such a coincidence that my
husband got in the mail a program from First USA to protect our credit
card, and he wrote them back telling them that he was not going to pick
that option, suddenly after that, the charge to our account by and
idividual was made.
I cancelled my card the same day I got my statement and found out what
they did with our account.  Ever since then I am living a nightmare!!!!
Every week a call customer service at First USA for them to strait this
situation and as of today, march 21, 1998 nothing is happening.
Everythime I call they tell me the paper work has been sent to the wrong
department.  I got so sick to talk to the operators, and know I am
asking only for supervisor, and they promise you they are going to take
care of your problem, when you call back that person does not exitst,
the name they give you it seams that its a fake name.
Well three months have passed, and last week I spoke to another
supervisor, which I had to cry over the phone because they would not
give you to a supervisor and I was not going to wait another 72 hours
for a phone call they never return, and I told them I had all the time
of the world, and I told them I was not going to hung up unless I talk
to the person who was assiged to my case, well this person look agin in
the computer and told me the same exact words the other supervison said
before, "your paper work was sent to the wrong department and I
personally will take care of your case", It was so aggravating I was
beeing fool again, I had to fax him the copy of the fraudulent check
because he told me that it was going to take 2 days for him to get a
copy.  So so far since november 31, 1997 he just realizes that he needs
a copy of the fraud check to star the investigation on my case, well
what happened to all the tree months I waited, and called every week and
all these people telling me that they were studing may case, and asking
me for more patience, they all lie!!!!!!!!
I gave this person my work phone number, and I told him very clear to
call me to that number from 8 to 5 monday to friday and over the weekend
I gave them my home Nubmer, well on friday the 20 I got home and there
is a message on the recording that some0ne from fist USA had called.
Why they did not call my work number knowing that I was not going to be
home during that time.  They left a number wich I called and only an
answering machine, I left messages, and I have not get a call back.
This is such a nightmare I am so affraid and most of all so mad at this
company that does not seem care about anyone!!!!
I have waisted tree month and have this big amount of money in my
account wich I am not responsible for, and no one at First USA bother to
If you can help me, and e-mail me back with and address of a phone
nubmer of someone who can help me I will really appreciated.
I will advice people who have First USA, and have any problems with them
like the one I have, do not let them tell you "SOME ONE IS GOING TO CALL
YOU BACK WITH IN  72 HOUSR" THAT IS SUCH A LIE!!!! Always ask for them
to fax you back a note saying that they received such or such document.
Always make sure they have all the information they need to start
studing your case.  On monday I hope this person will call me back and I
am going to ask him to fax me a document stating that all the
information they need from me is with them and I am going to ask they to
tell me how long will I need for a result.
And one last advice but the most important, DO NOT APPLY FOR A FIRST USA
CARD !!!!NEVER, NEVER!!!!!!!!!!

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