Example 61

I will preface this email by saying that I have been subject to First USA's
bait and switch routine on rates, as well as their billing cycle changes.
 However, I am writing this to discuss a greater problem that I have with
this bank, which has resulted in a faulty credit rating.

I have been fighting against First USA Visa for several months now
regarding the timeliness of my payments.  I have had a First USA Gold card
for about a year, and have always paid my bills diligently (as will all of
my other cards).  It has been told to me time and again that it takes this
bank 7-10 days to receive and process my checks.  Consequently, I send them
14 days in advance of the due date.  I would send them earlier, but I can't
send them until I receive my bills from First USA.  I have now suffered
four different occasions where my checks are received and processed 15-20
days from my ship date.  The first two times I felt it was possible that
the checks got lost in the mail.  However, they always seem to get received
and processed just after my due date, tacking on excess interest charges.
 What is worse is that the bank has posted 30-day delinquincy charges
against my credit, so now I have to work to clear my credit rating from
their inadequate accounting procedures.  I have held credit cards for 10
years, I have car and appliance loans, I pay rent, and I even have a 6
month food service on which I make monthly payments.  I have NEVER been
late with any of my payments, yet I now have a poor credit rating due to
First USA.  What is worse yet, is that, upon calling to get this situation
remedied, I was told that I can't prove that they've received my checks.
 The most recent of these incidences left me getting declined for card
usage, because I was unable to use the card due to non-payment.  Yet
earlier that very day, I spoke with a customer support representative who
told me that I had $426 of available credit, that they would research this
ongoing problem, and that I shouldn't have any trouble using my card.
 Calling back in after my decline, I was told that, although I was informed
of a $426 available credit standing, I should ASSUME that the credit
wouldn't be available to me because "I haven't paid my bills".  I have
never been treated this poorly by any financial or other organization and I
find it appalling that a bank such as this can get away with such blatent
misrepresentation of rates and billing cycles and misappropriation of
payments.  At this point, I am researching what I can do to clear my credit
problems.  I have already cancelled the card and will be paying off my
balance with them -- if they can manage to receive and post my payments!

Example 62

Thank you for all the info concerning First USA. I really never look at
my inerest rate. At least not until now. I have a Visa Platinum which
was 5.9% for six months. Then went to a 12.99% interest rate. I call
Fisrt Usa last week and told them I found an offer for a 5.9% and wanted
to know if they would honor it. They told me that I needed the offer
number. I found the offer number and told them and they said I would
have 5.9% until August.
I thought I was doing preety good until I read your page. So I looked at
my last statement and to my surprise it was not 12.99% fixed.
The statement shows a periodic rate and then a annual percentage rate
for a total of 13.23%
Now that certainly is not a FIXED 12.99% is it. So now I will watch my
statements very close and see what happens over the next few weeks. I
figure since they have given me a 5.9% rate twice, then in August my
rate will go to 24%. Lets see how far off I am, I'll let you know.
Thanks for the info

Example 63
I had always paid my balance off each month until my God Son was kill in a
car wreck and I used my card to pay for the funeral expenses and the very
next bill they jumped my interest rate to 21.? %.  I had put $5,000.00 on
the card and had no way of paying it off in one months time.  I did get it
paid off with the help of family and selling off keep sakes that had been
in my family for a long time in a years time. I also told them I hope they
rot in hell for their unspeakable business practices.  They said I had
missed a payment.  I'm sure I did while I was at the hospital with my
beloved Matthew as he lay dying.  God will have to forgive them because I
can't.  These people are monsters that thrive on human misery.  I don't
know how they lay their heads down at night to sleep after a days work.
There are good people out there that understand a personel tragedy like
those at Discover card that lowered my interest rate that covered the rest
of the funeral expenses when I told them what had happened.  I missed a
payment with them too.  I only wish I had known about these evil, wicked
people before I signed on the form.

Example 64
I have a First USA account and have played the same games with them
everyone is talking about on your web-site. But I got them back. They
send out millions of mailers both direct and bulk to everyone. If you
call them and tell them they sent you an invitation for a lower interest
(introductory) card, they are obligated to honor that and will change
your existing account to follow the terms of the offer. They are so
unorganized about the mailings they can never tell if they did send it
to you or anyone at the residence. I've even found them in the Bulk
Coupon Mailers.

I have had their card for over 3 years now and I am always at 5% or
below with them.
However they do still take 10-15 days to deposit my checks and always
try to charge me a late fee.
To combat that, go to their website and pay electronically. They can't
dispute that...

Example 65

My Initial Reply:
        In general Ive been happy w my First USA account and am fortunate
enough not to have my APR raised drastically.  However, sometimes my
statements seem rather strange.  One month I made several cash advances; I
figured it would cost a certain percentage of the advance + the APR. They
charged me a $10.00 fee for every cash advance I made. So, if you're making
one cash advance of $200 they'll charge you 10 bucks, and if you make 20
cash advances of $10 each, they charge you 200 bucks in fees.  That policy
is probably in the agreement, but it makes no sense.   Another problem was
with JCPenny Life Insurance that a FirstUSA rep. tried to sell me.  I said:
"No Im not interested".  They sent me a brochure in the mail anyway which I
threw out wothout opening.  Yet I still had to pay for 3 months of life
insurance before I called up and cancelled what I never asked for.
Update (3/9/98):
        Well, I just got my latest statement.  Allow me to retract the first
sentence of my earlier reply.  See, last month I paid off my entire balance.
In doing so, I evidently pissed them off; my APR was just raised to 22.99%.
That sucks.

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