Example 56

I read with interest your web site concerning First USA Bank's
business practices.

Here's some info, should anyone with complaints wish to take
their claims higher than First USA Bank.

As noted in your web site, First USA is owned by Banc One Corp.

Banc One Corp's corporate HQ is at:

Bank One, Columbus, NA
100 E. Broad St
Columbus, OH   43271-0121

John B. McCoy is Chairman and CEO.

* * *

John C. Tolleson founded First USA Bank, and after its merger
with Banc One, Tolleson was to sit on the Banc One board of
directors. Dat-to-day operation of First USA Bank was to
be headed by Richard W. Vague.

I don't know if Banc One itself is subject to FDIC regulations,
or some other federal organization.  But Banc One should be
included in the loop by complainants.

* * *

Who am I?  I'm fighting a little battle with First USA Bank
right now, over actions it took which I never authorized.
Perhaps someday I might give you the details.

Example 57

The only thing they did to me was not send me a sweatshirt they'd promised, but some of those other stories sound bad. I saw this on the show "The Equalizer" one time. Let's set up a day where about a hundred of us can go to their main office and form a line. The first person will set up an account with whatever their minimum balance is. Then that person goes to the end of the line. When the person reaches the front of the line again, he/she withdraws $1. They don't have to make the funds available that day, but the person can go to the end of the line, and when he/she arrives at the front again, can ask, "Is it available now." This can go on all day, and it's sure to generate a great deal of media coverage.
rock on consumers!

Example 58
I am having a problem with First USA in that they credit some other
account with my january payment.  I've faxed them a copy of the
cancelled check..mailed a copy and now faxed them another.  They still
are insisting that I am in arrears and I have made all my payments.

Calling their customer service department is a joke and now I may have
to get a copy of my cancelled check for February to prove they still
haven't credited my account.  So here goes another $15.00.

Example 59

I don't necessarily know that what we just experienced with First USA is
actually termed a scam as such but more toward very poor and shoddy
business practices.

My husand has had an account with National Managment Association for many
years. That account was within the last year taken over by First USA. We
had not had any problems until just recently.

The monthly statement arrived in the mail yesterday and my husband wrote
out a check to cover the balance due which was for the charge on the card
in the amount of $59.95. Yet he asked me to call and inquire as to what the
charge was as it was not anything he remembered using the card for. Often
times the actual place you use your card will appear on your statement as a
different company name so before protesting the charge we wanted more

As it turns out the company that was listed on the statement also included
their own toll free number next to their company name. I called that
company prior to calling First USA. Found out some very interesting

The company was called CTW Kids Club which is what raised the first
question in our minds as we have no children at home. But thinking that
perhaps it was affilliated with a legitimate charge, I called the company.

The short version here is that CTW was "given" as they term it, our account
name, phone number, and address by First USA. In turn, CTW called us
"representing" First USA as the telemarketer put it and said they had some
services to offer us associated with our First USA card. But first they had
to verify that we were the account holders and needed proof. At that point,
and still under the presumption they are "linked" with First USA, they
asked my husband for his birthdate, which he provided. Then as the
telemarketer explained they were selling a memebership and could charge it
to our First USA card my husband told them no way!

Keeep in mind now that my husband does not talk to solicitors! He was led
to believe by the telemarketer that he was speaking with a representative
of the bank when the initial contact was made. CTW did however after
getting a bit of info (the birthdate) inform my husband of the true nature
of the call.

Well that was the end of that or so we thought. Today's statement reflected
otherwise. In my phone conversation with CTW today I told them I firmly
believed their method by their telemarketer was one of deception and there
was no way we authorized a membership to be charge to our card and why on
earth would they have sent it in as such and why would First USA have
accepted it!!???? The lady I spoke w/told me that once my husband provided
his birthdate to them then the bank ACCEPTED that as him being the account
holder and having accepted the membership. To First USA, a company telling
them that my husband had given his birthdate...to First USA that was an
authorization code and they charged the membership to our account!!!!

My phone conversation with First USA was of interest as well. The gentleman
I spoke with was very pleasant and sincere. He apologized that this had
occured and made no hesitation whatsoever in removing this charge from the
account. He was basically at a loss for words when I kept inquiring of him
as to "why" First USA would first off, "sell" (my word not theirs) my
account name to a firm for a "kickback in business" (again my perception,
not their confirmation)? All he could tell me was that he would file a
report and complaint against CTW for the way they handled this. He also
informed me that a tape of the conversation would have been provided as
authorization from my husband as well. I told him to produce a tape with my
husbands voice agreeing to authorize a childrens company to charge his card
for a membership. I told him if First USA could indeed produce such a tape
with all those pertinent details then we would pay the $59.95. Silence was
my response from the gentleman on the phone.

I am not sure at this point what action my husband intends to pursue but I
do know he will take action.

Please make people who might visit your site of this problem with First USA
giving account holder names and addresses and phone numbers to other
companies in order that they might sell a good or service which in turn
will profit First USA. I did not read all the examples you had listed on
your site but the ones I did read I did not see any with this type of
problem that has occurred.

I applaud you for such excellent links that when a person goes to a search
engine to write First USA, you are right there! It is perfect!!

While we were fortunate that this problem was not more serious in nature it
is a problem that still exists and others need to be made aware.

Thank you.

Example 60

I recently had a mix up with First USA Bank in December of 1997. I had
doubled a payment and requested that they send the credit ballance of
over $6,000.00. I was told I would receive the balance within 30 days.
as of February 25th, 1998 I have not received a checked and in speaking
with several of their representives on several different occasions I was
told that the check was in "process". I know that if I where late with
payment they would be hitting me up with all types of charges.

It upsets me that they have been using over $6,000.00 worth of my money
for the last 60 to 90 days.

I for one will never do business with them again and would suggest to
everyone to be very wary of their practices.

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