Example 41

I was solicited on the phone by an outfit called First Bank USA, or so I
thought. I have a checking account with First Bank & Trust here in CA, so I
originally assumed there was some sort of connection. They offered the great
5.9% interest rate for the first 6 months, with an increase to 12.99%
thereafter. They did mention that if I was late 2 months in a 6 month or 1
year period, that my rate would go up to something like 22.99%. I asked them
if that happened, how and when could I get it to go back down. They
responded that no one had ever asked that question before, and the
telesalesperson asked her manager. When she came back she said there should
be a reference in the agreement when we receive it.

Okay, we're almost always early or on time, so let's go for the deal. Since
the offer was for my wife, they needed to talk to her for the information to
send us out our card. They had her name wrong, the had our address wrong,
the only thing they had right was that they called our number, and the last
name of course. I instructed my wife if they asked for her social security
number, do not give it out; we don't know these people. Before they even got
to asking for that, they wanted the Credit Card number for the account that
we were going to transfer the balance.

BIG RED FLAG, I don't know these people, I don't give my Credit Card number
out over the phone to an unknown entity! We told them to call back tomorrow,
(which by the way is today that I'm reading your site and responding), and
we would look over our cards and decide which one to transfer.

I got on the web this morning and did a search in Yahoo and this was the
only site I turned up for First Bank USA. It seems my suspicions were
confirmed. As I go off to work today, I have left instructions with my wife
that if they call, ask them their address. If it matches the one on your
website, tell them no thank you, we're not interested in their business.
Even if the address doesn't match, do not give any critical numbers over the
phone to any organization you are not familiar with. Do not give out your
social security, do not give out your credit card number, don't even give
out your bank account number.

Thanks for your information, I hope my response in some way helps someone.

Example 42

 Well, you know why I'm writing you.  I just received my first statement
from First USA after having made a balance transfer.  I signed up
because of a promised 5.9% interest rate for 9 months.  The interest
rate shown was actually 12.99%.  Of course, I was pissed, and thought
about checking out the web for other stories.  So, here I am, wondering
if I will be screwed like many others.  Their customer service agent
assured me that my interest rate is really 5.9%, and that it will show
up on my next statement.  Regardless, I believe I will ditch the card
ASAP.  I am sick of financial institutions solicitating me like whores,
and then stiffing me later.  Thanks for posting all of these gripes.  We
can't necessarily rely on government institutions for protection, but
consumer action like this does catch the attention of unethical
corporations.  Good job.

Example 43
I couldn't believe how many people First USA Visa have betrayed. My
story is short and not near as painful as some of the others I read on
your site. I signed up with First USA Visa at at baseball game last
spring(1997). It was a gold visa with the basball team's name and logo.
I decided to sign up because I was lured by the free baseball and
t-shirt offered upon signing up. I too was signed up at the introductory
rate of 5.9% for 6 months. So after the 6 months introductory rate had
ended I was suprised to find my following bill with a 21% apr rate. So I
just figured I would cancel the card and go back to using my 12% credit
union visa. They too did not notify me of the apr rate increase. So a
few weeks later I received those convience checks in the mail with the
customary cover letter that said "Pay off your other high interest rate
credit cards with these convience checks and take advantage of your low
apr interest rate." I thought "Are these people nuts? 21% apr is not
low." So I called First USA and told them of the letter and convience
checks and asked them if they thought 21% was low. They said "Oh now,
absolutely not. Because of your good credit we will extend the 5.9% apr
rate for another 6 months." So I said great.

Great is not what I said 2 months later when I went to use my card at
Les Schwab Tires to pay for the four new tires on my car. I was declined
3 times. I couldn't understand why. I was embarrassed and furious! I
payed with my other credit card and then went back to work and called
First USA Visa. Their response: "Oh we are sorry. Your account is
closed. But our records show you have a new account that was opened 2
months ago." Long story short....they had closed my existing account and
opened me a new one to get me the introductory apr rate again. They
failed to tell me this as well as mail me a new credit card. I was then
told it would take 7 to 10 days to issue a new card. That presented a
problem because I was flying to Florida for vacation in three days.
Amazingly enough, after talking to a higher up, I was over-nighted a new
credit card the very next day.

After seeing this web site I have decided to pay my bill in full this
next month and cancel the card. From what I have read I am choosing to
not take anymore chances. Thanks for the info!

Example 44
Just wanted to warn you....don't go with MBNA either...they pull the same
dirty tricks as First USA!  My husband is desperate to rid himself of this
account - the only reason he did sign on the dotted line is because they
offered an excellent APR - at first of course, and they were the only ones who
would accept him...due to bad credit.

But back to First USA...they screwed me along with everyone else.  I had (past
tense!) a First USA platinum account, and, with the global village becoming
more tightly knit, I had been wanting to buy a home computer for several
years, yet, I was quite reluctant to charge such a high priced item. At the
time, prior to this purchase, my APR was 17%, and I thought, that's not too
bad until I can find another account to transfer this to.  So, I pulled out
all of the brochures and information they had sent me about my new Platinum
account, and read through it thoroughly.  I had noticed on this brochure, that
if I were to purchase a major appliance, or anything relating to home
entertainment...or jewelry, anything of that sort...the warranty that had come
with the product would automatically be doubled, provided I used my card, and
I contacted a customer service representative before the actual purchase.  So,
needless to say, I made the call...spoke with a rep, and I was assured that I
would receive all of this information in the mail...but she also told me to
call back once the purchase had been made so I could register my purchase for
the extended warranty.  So, finally, I bring my brand new custom made computer
home, gathered all of the information this rep told me was necessary for
registration, and called back.  The new rep that I spoke to had absolutely no
idea of what I was talking about, so, she transferred me to management...they
had no idea what I was talking about either.  To make matters worse, I gave
them, "management" the name of the person I spoke with, and apparantly, this
person does not even exsist. To top EVERYTHING off...2 months after I made my
purchase, my APR jumped up to 21.78%...and according to the guidelines for
this account, this isn't supposed to happen...guess I should have used a high
power something to read the fine print.  At any rate, I called them
again...inquired about the incredible jump in the APR, and of course, I was
given a lame excuse.  Luckily, a few days after this, I received an invite in
the mail for AT&T's credit account with a really nice introductory
offer...5.9% fixed APR for a full year...and guess who jumped at the chance to
transer their Platinum account??  And guess again who also closed their First
USA account...see, sometimes there ARE such things as happy endings ;)

Example 45

I just happened to stumble onto your site after I was searching for a First
USA website to tell them about their outrageous hike in my interest rate.  I
too, have the same exact story you have about them.  What can I possibly do
to get out of this mess!

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