Example 36

I made an extra (principle) payment in Dec 97 to my USA Visa Card, the check cleared my bank Dec. 23rd 97.  No credit posted, I called USA Visa, explained the situation, they gave me a temporary credit.  This was a Thousand dollar payment!  I was to get from my bank a copy of the check, both front and back.  I mailed that in as instructed.  Just today Feb. 2nd, I received a letter saying " we need a clearer copy of the front and back of your check or money order."  Once again I called, and once again I was asked to get a clearer copy.  I called back and spoke to a manager, after arguing for a lengthy amount of time he said, this matter would be cleared up, I have his word!  After reading all of the other complaints, I seriously doubt whether this will be cleared up.  This entire time, they had given me a temporary credit.  Oh, and he said I had given him the information he needed to resolve this matter.  I gave him no further documentation, just words.  What's real interesting is that Southwest Airlines uses a company like this.  I have always been delighted with Southwest Airlines.  Wake up Southwest!

Example 37

 I am contacting you regarding a problem with First USA Bank.  It seems
 that this institution gave out my credit card account number to an
 affiliate company (namely The Home and Garden Club) without my prior
 approval.  At best these practices seem unethical and at worst
 These so called banking practices went like this.  The Home and Garden
 Club sent a mailer to my home address.  Like most other junk mail, it
 went into the trash unopened.  Evidently this mailer indicated that,
 unless I took some action to stop this (membership?), my account would
 be charged $49.95.  Not only was I charged but I was not notified by
 this club that I was now a new member with some privileges.  In other
 words I paid for something without receiving any services.
 Its not that the Home and Garden Club hasn't offered to credit my
 account, they have.  My concern comes from the fact that how many
 cardmembers fail to go over their statement completely.  If this
 practice is used on all First USA cardmembers and just 1% fail to
 review their statements,  the numbers generated are astounding.
 Assuming 1 million cardmembers (a conservative estimate), the amount
 is a $500,000.00.  Just how much of this amount did First USA receive
 for the release of these account numbers?  How many other of First
 USAs affiliates now have these account numbers and to what end will
 they be used?   These are troubling questions about a national banking
 My personal dealings with First USA will be severed immediately.
 Again, I believe the practices noted here are highly irregular if not
 If you need to contact me in the future, you may do so at my home
 e-mail address xxxxx or at my home address xxxxx.

Example 38
  I found your website yesterday, and thought I'd add an interesting little story.  Although I  have not been "screwed" by First USA in any way (at least so far), I have experienced in my dealings with them what can only be described as utter incompetence.

About two months ago, I accidentally spilled the contents of my wallet in a parking garage.  I quickly scooped everything up, searched the area, and then went to my office.  When I got there, I realized my First USA Platinum card was missing.

I immediately called and cancelled the card.  I was told the account was closed and that a new card was forthcoming.  Before I got off the phone, I requested my current balance, and was told (approximately) $1777.   I was also told no transactions were pending, and that my balance "could not possible increase.  The card is cancelled."

I never did find the card.  The next day, I was wondering if anyone had found it and tried to use it.  So I called First USA to request my balance.  I was told that my balance was $1825, and when I asked how that was possible (since they closed the account), I was told a pending authorization had been posted.  I asked if any more authorizations were pending.  I was told no.  Satisfied, I hung up.

Three days later, I was still worried, so I called again to request my balance.  I was told it was $1889.  When I asked what was wrong, I was again told pending authorizations had gone through.  After some time on the phone, I was satisfied the recent postings were my responsibility.  But I was irked that I was twice told the account would not be used.

Immediately after I hung up, I called back.  I got a different representative, and asked for my balance.  I was told it was $1825.  I asked if any transactions were pending.  She said no.  I thanked her and hung up.

Frustrated, I vented for a few minutes with my fiancee, and then called back and again requested my balance.  I was told it was around $1849.  Totally confused, I gave up.

I received my statement two weeks later.  My balance was $1924.  None of the listed charges were fraudulent.  However, my chief complaint was that I called FIVE times within a period of twenty minutes, and was given FIVE different balances, some high and some low, AFTER my account was closed.  Moreover, I was given THREE different answers in a twenty minute period!  All three times I was told no transactions were pending.  I cannot imagine any explanation except that First USA's employees cannot understand their computer screens.  And that worries me.  I have paid off my balance in full, and plan to cancel my card asap.

Example 39
 On feb 1 I was on a check - out line and went to use my AOL VISA (first USA),
and found that the card had expired. At first I blamed it on the mail, But
when I called customer service they told me that First USA decided to drop me because of
poor performance.  I never missed a payment, One check got lost in the mail,
and I was always current. I left several messages with supervisors but never received a
response. I am willing to continue this relationship, and excuse this
cancelation as a computer problem, but I can't even get a response from the

Example 40

 You won't believe what just happened. I can provide no other reason than
either the FDIC got on their case or they're afraid their money is
REALLY at risk.

If you recall I told you I'd cut up my cards and mailed them back to the
President of First USA but also FAXed them the letter the same morning
and told them as of 7:15 AM their automatic system told me my account
balances were zero and I would not be responsible for any other charges
to that account after that time. Well, they obviously went ahead that
day and made the balance transfer to my other bank anyway so my First
Union Bank Visa was paid off.

Just got a call from a lady at First USA and they offered to credit my
account, which now has the First Union Bank Visa balance on it, $159.00
to pay the late fees and additional finance charges at First Union and
give me the 5.9% rate on that balance transfer until April '99; one full
year longer than their original offer which was to expire April 1, 1998.
Naturally I asked that she put this in writing which she said she would,
we'll see.

This is exactly the results I requested from the FDIC on my complaint
form to them so I think they just might have contacted First USA Bank
and asked them what the hell was going on.

I STRONGLY encourage all the visitors to your page to print out that
FDIC form and send it to the FDIC along with any and all supporting
documentation they may have in their possession. I'm sure First USA
didn't do this because they're nice guys.

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