Example 31

Applied for an AOL [First USA] Visa Card witht the enticement that they would
make 1% rebaits toward AOL service. Have attempted to redeem enough points for
three months service since April, to no avail,  After calling them every month
for six months, I finally spoke to them and AOL in a conference call, I
advised them that I was deducting that amount from my payment, yet no credit
was issued anf a finance charge was assessed.  Additional calls have had no
better results.  A letter to their president which included all current
charges and a returned credit card accomplished nothing.

Example 32

It looked like a good deal. I applied for the VISA with the 5.9% for 6
months, then a fixed rate of 13.9%, which is not bad. I transfered about
$8000 from a 16% account to First USA VISA. I used the card a few times.
I was late on a payment once or twice, and got nailed with the late fee
but I did not consider that egregious. One day I read about a class
action suit against First USA VISA, so I keep checking the statements.
Intending to reduce the number of accounts and cards anyway, I cut up
the card and continued to minimally pay off the account. Then the
introductory rate expired. Rate went to 13.9%. I payed off most of the
balance from some other low rate source of credit. With $1600 remaining
on this card the latest statement shows 22.99% rate. I remember seeing a
"New Agreement" with obscene flat fees for cash advances, late fees
,etc, but no mention of the new rate. So I mailed a check for the full
balance and told them to close it. What else can they do to me now? I
was somewhat suspicious and found your web site in Yahoo. Hopefully I
will be spared the aggravation that others have experienced.

I intend to go back to having only 1 credit card from my credit union,
which is variable rate about 13 to 14%, with no annual fee.

Example 33

God I wish I had read your site, or one like it about a year ago.  My ordeal
started about a year ago.  I've had a FirstUSA card for about four years,
but I always kept the balance small.  About $2,000.00.  Last year I got
married and we decided to buy some new furniture.  Several months prior I
received a letter from FirstUSA explaining that they  wanted to upgrade me
to a Platinum card with a tiered interest rate.  With a balance between
0-$2,500.00 the interest rate would be 11.9%.  Between $2,500.00-$5,000.00
it would be 12.99%, and anything over this amount the rate "fixed" at
13.99%.  After thinking about it we decided to buy $11,000.00 worth of new
furniture on the card.  Who could beat this deal?!  The offer had "Fixed"
all over it, and these rates where livable.  We got screwed!

My wife didn't see the increase at first, so it went 3 months (012598)
before she mentioned it.  I was shocked that my interest rate had increased
to a whopping 22.99%, and got on the phone with a "service agent".  This
proved worthless.  He said he had no idea why the rate went up, and stated
the bank could raise the rate at any time.  I asked what the company meant
by "Fixed"?  He could not answer.  I was pissed and asked for a supervisor.
I was told non could come to the phone.  I asked for the Fax# and after a
long wait on hold, I was dumped.  I called back, got a different person and
asked for the number before hanging up myself.  After sending a fax I
stumbled onto your site.  I will be calling the lawyer listed and joining
the suit.

I feel suckered and know in my heart that I will have to find a way out of
this bind.  There is no way in Hell that I will pay 22.99% interest rates on
any credit card.  These guys need to be spanked for offering deals they can
not live up to.  I would not have used the card if I had known the rates
would increase.  I'll tell you one thing.  When this company looks to stick
it to ya, they don't mess around.  No easing it in here.  Please, please
keep me informed on where this goes.  This is not something that should just
go away.  Sure, I'll find a way to get out of this, but should a company be
allowed to walk all over people??  Even after I settle this personally I
would be more than happy to help others in their fight.

Example 34

And now for something completely different.

Here's an example of how you can get screwed by First USA without even
being a customer!

In August of 1997, my wife and I purchased a new truck through our
credit union.  As I was talking to the credit union employee on the
phone, she was calling up our credit report.  To my great surprise, she
saw a past-due First USA credit card account identified with my wife's
SSN!  My wife did have a First USA credit card with her x-husband, but
that account had been closed in 1991.  This account had been opened
several years later.  Luckily, the credit union employee saw the
previous account also, and said that the new account "looked fishy."
She approved our truck loan anyway.

We immediately composed a letter to the credit agency (North American
Capital) explaining that we had nothing to do with this account.  When
we followed up on this later, the credit agency told us that the account
was in a different name, but had my wife's SSN.  We do not understand
how First USA can allow an account to be opened without verifying the
identity of the person opening the account.  The credit agency had
identified this as fraud, and had faxed this to First USA, along with
our letter.  That's when we started talking to First USA.  My wife
called several times, and was treated rudely.  They kept asking her who
David Jones (the name on the account) was, and she kept saying the we
did not know.  We had moved from Los Angeles (where the new account was
opened) to Seattle in 1994, which was before this new account had been
opened.  Finally, the woman at First USA told my wife the she was "on
the other line with North American Capital," and that "they would get
working on this right away."  We thought that this would be the end of
this problem.  Little did we know that the worse was yet to come.

We have recently started the process of refinancing our house (now that
the interest rates are down).  We have a balloon payment coming up, and
we can not afford to pay it without refinancing.  As we started the
process, we were shocked to learn that this bogus First USA account was
still on our credit record!  This is now holding up our refinance, and
the interest rates are beginning to climb!  Now we are mad!  That's why
I started looking around the internet, and found your site (thanks for
the info there!).

My poor wife has been trying to talk to both First USA and North
American Capital about this, and she is a nervous wreck.  First USA
refuses to talk to me because they say it is illegal for them to talk to
me about my wife's account (even though this is impacting my credit as
well).  North American Capital says that they have faxed the information
to First USA three times, and they now "wash there hands" of the whole
thing.  First USA claims that they did not receive the faxes.  I finally
left a voice mail at First USA this morning, and told them that this has
been going on for six months now, and that it could possibly cost us our
house.  They called my wife and told her that they MAILED a letter to A
credit agency on Tuesday saying this was a fraudulent account, but they
would not tell her which credit agency!!  My wife asked to talk to this
person's supervisor, and they said they did not have one!  She asked to
talk to the President, and they ignored her.

Throughout this whole thing, First USA has been uncooperative and rude.
And here is one final interesting bit of information.  Almost the exact
same thing happened to my wife's x-husband a few years ago!  We suspect
that someone within First USA is selling SSN numbers from old accounts!

Well, sorry for the extremely long story, but feel free to use it as an
example if you wish.  If you are interested, I will keep you posted on
what happens next.  When this is over, we are going to contact every
agency, organization, and email address we can find to complain (thanks
again for the info on your site).

Example 35

  I've been with First USA ever since I was 18 years old, I'm now 21.  About a year ago, I found my card missing from my wallet so I immediately called First USA to cancel that account and send me a new card.  After almost a month, First USA sends me a bank statement with a balance of almost $2,000.  But, I never received the card, so I decided to call First USA to find out what was going on.  The representative at First USA told me that my account was probably fradulently used and that she would take care of it.  But, as of today, I am still paying the interest rates on charges that I didn't make.  About a month ago, I got sick of paying for things I didn't purchase and called First USA again.  The representative then told me that it is now MY responsiblity.  Help!  What should I do?   Please help!

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