Example 26

I was interested in First USA's "platinum" card card promotion of 4.99%
for the first six months, knowing full well that they'd jack up the rate
dramatically after the introductory period; as well as annual fees and miscellaneous fees that
are sky-high compared to other credit cards. However, I do card about my
credit rating, and know that if I applied unsucessfully, it would drive down my "fico"
scores - which is unacceptable near the time I will be applying for a
real-estate loan...
First USA refused to disclose which credit repository they would use, or
their specific credit criteria - although many if not most credit grantors
will tell this upfront since it obviously saves them money processing the application as well.
Not only is First USA devious, they are stupid - which are enough red flags for one to avoid
doing business with them...

Example 27

Well you have a great sight! Here's my story I accidentally misplaced my
november 97 billing which was for a total of $8.00. This is all there
was on it! $8.00. Well as soon as i realized the november billing was
late, by a day I mailed off a check more than paying off the balance and
taking a chunk of the december billing with it. Well needless to say i
was shocked to open my billing and finding a $14.00 finance charge on
it. Way above the past due amount of $8.00 and also my rate of interest
had gone up two points in the month. No notice of increase. When i
called i was informed that they caculate finance charges based on your
average daily balance (which of course had skyrocketed during
christmas!) So for a missed payment of $8.00 i was being charged nearly
double based on money not past due! Is this legal? So I asked to talk to
the supervisor. He said that I had signed a contract, no i called it in,
and they could charge me what they wanted! I then said I want to speak
to my boss to which Scott said that he was the boss!?! Yah right. I
informed him if he did not give me the name of his supervisor then when
I finally did get ahold of the person his uncoperativeness would just
give me further fuel for the fire. At which time the idiot stuttered out
a name. I'll try it tomorrow.

Other alternatives, I signed up through the Walden books program so I
plan to make a complaint to them about their "business partner." Plus
has anyone tried contacting Banc One, parent company, I know such firms
do NOT like being informed of complaints against their holdings and
usually someone will end up on the choping block if the customer causes
enough ruckess. I plan on going as high as i can in this until i have
some satisfaction.

Example 28

Hello,                                          1/21/98
        I have owned a First USA credit card for several years.
Last year the place where I am contracting at paid me late by
25 days and I could not pay my bills for one month.
Bank One immediately raised my interest rate to 22.99 and I closed
and paid off the account as soon as I did get paid.
First USA waited until November to raise my interest rate to 22.99 and has
refused to lower it.  I threw the card into the other room, called
them up and told them that I didn't know exactly where the card was.
They closed the account and issued me a new card. When I got it
I immediately cut it into little pieces, called them up and closed
the account. It will soon be paid off.


Example 29

I too have had the same problems with First USA Bank.  I started 5.9%
introductory rate, then went to 13.99% for about 3 or 4 months and then
went to 20.9 %.  All with no late payments, making more than the minimum
payment. No one at First USA could ever give me an explanation as to why
the interest rate was raised.  I applied for a Visa with the Federal
Credit Union where I do most of my financial business, and transferred
the balance.  After receiving the FCU Visa, I went and asked them if
there was anything in my credit history that would have made First USA
do this, and their response was, "No, as a matter of fact, the amount of
your balance transfer had to be approved by the president and he would
never have approved your line of credit had their been any problems".

Can you tell me if the law suit is still active, I would love to bust
this company's ass!!

Example 30

  Not all hassles are finance related.

First USA called my wife on Sunday morning.  We told them that we were
not interested.  They called AGAIN Sunday night. I told the guy that
they were way out of line to call on a Sunday.  He mumbled an apology.

I told him that, furthermore, they had already called earlier, and that
I had received a third phone that ended with the other party hanging up,
and that I suspected that was them, too.  The FU telemarketer gave this
incredible response:  they couldn't have called and hung up because his
log showed that they had only called once today!

They not only think it's ok to call on Sunday, but to call more than
once if they don't like the first answer.  We are not even customers of

While I have not canceled credit cards strictly due to the heavy
cross-selling, it has been a factor in my previous decisions to cancel.

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