Example 21

Interesting development.

Yesterday I got a form letter in the mail from USA stating they had made
the balance transfer that I'd been requesting since late October. The
letter was dated the same day (12/30) as the letter I faxed to that con
artist that runs the place and told to insert my destroyed cards

As the letter said allow at least 15 days mailing time I immediately
wrote on the notice "You had better get this stopped. As I told you in
My letter of 12/30/97 (attached) I will not be responsible for this or
any other charges to this account." and faxed it to the bank with a copy
of my 12/30 letter.

In that letter (12/30), I mentioned the fact that I would have
confirmation or its receipt on my fax machine transmission's journal.
Well after I faxed these two pages to them yesterday I ran out my
transmission's journal again to get a record of this fax and guess what.
Where the receiving number is suppose to show up there was nothing but a
line of XXXXXXXXXXXXX. The receiving number can only be removed at their
fax machine. I'll bet they're going to deny ever receiving the second

By the bye, you ought to but the President's name, Randy Christofferson,
and the main office fax number on your site (302)467-5347 so those that
read your page and have access to a fax machine may write and fax
letters directly to good ole Randy and let off some steam. More personal
satisfaction in getting letters into their main office than talking to
those scripted hamburger chain rejects at their customer service number.
Would also recommend any faxes that be send be labeled across the top
transmission journal and mark the call for future reference. If nothing
else we can burn up a lot of their fax paper with legitimate complaining

Example 22

In my December statement, First USA included an amendment to my
cardmenber agreement.  It is in very small type and as usual, hidden in
with the advertisments.

In brief, it states that I have lost my right to file any legal claim or
law suit against First USA.  Per the amendment, I must use binding
arbitration with the "National Arbitration Forum".  Seeing as First USA
selected the arbitrator, do you think I stand a chance of winning?

I do not understand how our legislators let this company continue to
opperate.  (It might be possible that political contributions are a
factor)  NO way! Not our government.  If you would like a copy, please
e-mail be with you fax number.

I have requested a copy of my "signed" agreement stating that rates can
changed at any time.  To date, I have not received a copy.  The customer
service rep. said they would send a standard form.  I declined and
requested the signed copy.  I will keep you posted.  Thank you for
trying to fight the giant.

PS. When First gets a new sucker, They should sign the agreement "First

Example 23

Immediately after submitting the email on First USA's "E-MAIL
us" page I got an automated reply in my email box that was a
First USA Customer Service FAQ.  In this email was the customer
service number I'd been seeking for days (1-800-FIRSTUSA ... I
should have guessed).  I immediately called this number and got
a representative that looked up my account and told me that
she was sorry, but First USA was not able to extend me a line of
credit at this time.  Evidently, customers that call about
refused credit are handled by a different representative because
I was immediately transfered on to another representative.
Either that or the incorrect address I informed her of had to be
handled by the second rep.  In any case, I asked the second rep
how I got credit checks in the mail if they did not open an
account for me.  What account would those checks charge against?
After reconfirming my identity and apparently bringing up my
"account" information on her computer in the same manner as the
first rep., the second rep said that they HAD actually openned an
account for me but for some unknown reason the cards (and the
account disclosure information) had not been mailed yet.  So, they
had sent me credit checks against a new account that I didn't have
the associated disclosure information describing how the account is
administered.  There was some disclosure information on the
original promotional mailing I received, but since the credit
checks arrived 5 weeks after I applied for the card I had to
rumage through stacks of papers on my desk to find it.  Were I
more organized I could have easily thrown it away assuming that
after 5 weeks First USA was not interested in my business.
It's also interesting to note that the original promotional
material says that First USA reserves the right to substitute
one of their other cards for the Platinum card I was applying
for at their discression.  If that's what they actually did,
the disclosure information on the original promotional material
is obsolete and I truely had NO accurate disclosure information

I would think that the bank would bend over backwards to make
sure no one is given the opportunity to use credit against their
bank before they were sure that person had been given a complete
description of his responsibilities when using that credit.
I doubt that what they did was illegal, but it was in no way
smart-business on their part.

Now that we had finaly located the "account" I asked her to
close it immediately.  When asked for a reason I said that I
didn't have much confidence left in First USA.

Both the representatives that I talked to were very friendly
and obliging.  It was very refreshing to finaly talk to someone
who was eager to straighten this situation out.  However, after
this experience I have seen more than a few clues that lead me
to believe that First USA Bank's credit card organization lacks
key competencies in the areas of organization and administration.

I actually consider myself lucky that this fiasco soured me on
First USA before I ran into the same "spontanious-rate-hike"
problems so many others are upset about.

Example 24

I just wanted to let you know that the same exact thing happened to me. I will be glad to join in the lawsuit against them. I still owe them a small amount which I plan on paying off this month. I couldn't believe it when the interest rate jumped to over 20%. I owed almost 10,000 at that time too. Luckily like you my credit union allowed me to transfer most of it and even gave me 2% to do it.

Good luck in the future. I guess the bottom line is we really shouldn't keep any kind of balance. All banks, credit card companies, insurance companies are all just load sharks anyhow.

If you want any more info, let me know.

Example 25

I had an account with NBD I closed it in 1994. First USA must have bought
it and activated it. since I had an first USA card I did not pay attention
to which card I had. They both said USA. Once I realized  what they had
done I closed the account. The balance due was 36.00 because I did not
realized what they had done. I was assessed a $15.00 late fee. This made
the final payment to close the account $51.00. This was absurd. I called to
see if the account was closed. They said no. I said to close it now. Today
I received another bill. Previous amount due $51.00 amount received $5100
new charges 0. balance due $15.00 ANOTHER LATE FEE. ZERO BALANCE OTHER FEES
AND CHARGES $15.00 ON A CLOSED ACCOUNT. I would suggest no one ever get a
First USA credit card. alans

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