Example 121

First usa simply will not stop calling me with offers for more credit
cards, subscriptions to Field + Stream magazine and almost everything
else I DON'T WANT.  For months I have asked the telemarketers and
FirstUSA's cardmember services to stop. The calls keep coming.  Everyone
gets a certain number of unwanted telephone solicitations as do I.
Unfortunately, since taking the First USA card, I get at least twice as

If this happens to you, you may want to go straight to the top, well
almost to the top.  Call Audris Bradley, secretary to president Randy
Christopherson directly at
302-467-5452.  I told her I would call her each time I get a
telemarketing call to remind her to remove my name from their lists.  I
suggest you do the same.  If you know how to contact Mr. Christopherson
directly, either at the office or at his home, please post his number.
He deserves to know firsthand how irritating it can be to receive
literally dozens of unsolicited calls.

Oh yeah, that 5.9% "fixed" interest rate is now up to 27.2%!  Is that
even legal?

First USA is the sleaziest I have ever dealt with.  BEWARE!!!

Example 122

Wow! I'm glad I literally stumbled across this site. I have actually had
a card with First USA for quite some time. I haven't been as carefully
detailed about my bills as others here have been so I never realized
that the card company might be doing something fishy. I too experienced
them changing my rate sooner than expected. I actually have one of their
AOL cards. I have definitely experienced them "holding" on to payments
before applying them to my account. Again, I never thought that they
would be doing something wrong so I just assumed that things were
delayed in the mail. As others here have noted, the checks cleared my
bank long before being applied to my account.

More recently, they called me about transferring an existing balance on
another card. It sounded like a great deal, but as I wanted to transfer
a large amount from another card I needed them to increase my credit
line in order to accomplish this. This caused me to process this
transaction in two phone calls instead of just the first one asking me
to do the transfer in the first place. Well, I got my bill last week and
they are charging me the regular interest rate on the entire balance,
not the special reduced rate that was promised. I called the company and
was told 'If I called back to have them process the transaction and
didn't do the transfer at the time that I was first called that the
special rate didn't apply'. I have never heard of such nonsense in my
entire life! I was told I would hear back from someone from F.Usa to
clear this up within 10 days. But after stumbling upon this site. I will
immediately transfer my entire balance to another card. I don't care how
many free months of AOL it would have earned me. I am also intending to
write to AOL regarding this site and ask the to consider changing credit
card companies. With the huge subscriber base that uses this AOL I hope
that will affect their decision to do these things in the future when
they realize how much business they can lose.

Example 123
I went to the web to seek more info about this blatantly unethical credit
card company known as First USA but came across your site first.  What a
comfort to know that there are a multitude of others out there that have
gotten screwed by them.

My trouble started last summer when I sent a payment that seemed to have
gotten lost in their mail room.  They cut off my credit saying the payment
was late, even though it was their fault.  Then, my interest rate suddenly
shot up to 22.99%!!!

I called customer service last month and they said the interest rate would
go down to the original 14.9% if I cancelled the card, which I did on the

My statement came and the interest rate is still 22.99 so I called the
customer service department again.  After telling them I expected them to
stick by their original promise to lower the interest rate, the customer
service guy said there is a rule that even if the account is closed it must
be paid on time for 6 months before lowering the interest rate.  I never
heard this story before!  He said that because I didn't receive the letter
notifying me of this change, that he would lower it.

Then he called back and said the manager denied the request to lower it
anyway!  Two incompetent customer service people or a lying, unethical
wasteland of a credit card company that should be shut down immediately!
Both I think!!!

san diego, ca

Example 124

I ran into your site by accident while searching for a First USA web
site.  I love it.

Today I got a call from a person claiming to be a First USA
representative.  She told me she had a limited time offer for me to take
advantage of.  First USA would increase my credit line if I authorized
her to transfer balances from my other credit cards.  She began to NAME
my other credit cards.  I stopped her and asked her how she knew EXACTLY
which cards I had.  She gave me a runarround answer.

What the First USA marketing department did is probably legal, but it is
certainly unethical.  My private credit history is supposed to be used
by creditors when reviewing my creditworthiness, NOT for telemarketing

Example 125

Another "horror story" about First USA Bank One.  This has to do with
their refusal to abide by Regulation Z in crediting "disputed charges".

On April 27th I informed FIRST USA Bank One in writing that  there was an
incorrect charge on my April Statement.   There was no response to my
letter and the charge appeared again on my May Statement.  On May 20th I
wrote again, requesting that in accordance with the regs, they please
credit the disputed item off my account, along with all improperly
charged interest.

On May 23rd I rec'd a letter from First USA dated May 9th, in an envelope
postmarked April 21st (& further postmarked on the back of the envelope
May 21st).  The letter instructed that further documentation relating to
the dispute be submitted to them "within the 15 day ... time limitation
established by Visa & MasterCard rules & regulations".

So here we had a letter dated May 9th, mailed in an April 21st envelope,
rec'd by me on May 23rd, referring to false, non-existent "rules" &
calling for a May 24th deadline!? On May 26th I mailed them the
additional specifics relating to the dispute.  In this letter I requested
that in accordance with the law, they immediately remove this disputed
item & all associated interest pending resolution of this matter.

First USA Bank One is most definitely acting in a strange, devious and
possibly illegal manner, in this instance.

This company has caused me a lot of grief and aggravation & appears to be
bent on ripping off the public!  I have FULL DOCUMENTATION backing up ALL
of these facts, & would love to join a Class Action suit if it's out


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