Example 111

Thanks for the great job in communicating the problems with First USA, I

guess I'm lucky I don't have a card with them.  HOWEVER, they do show on

my TRW/experian credit bureau with FIVE unauthorized credit inquiries
within a 12 month period of time.  I don't know how many people have
pulled their reports (you need all three bureaus - TransUnion,
TRW/experian, and CBI/Equifax to get the complete picture on your

I could use some help from anyone who has experienced this and attempted

to contact them regarding the unauthorized access to our credit bureau
reports....the credit bureaus usually tell you that you have to contact
the bank directly, dispute the report as unauthorized and wait 30 - 60
days for them to respond.....gues what?  they don't respond.........and
you're stuck going back to the credit bureau again.

I have also experienced problems with SEARS, USBank of Washington and
Oregon for duplication of reporting, inaccurate reporting and failure to

remove derogatory information from your credit bureau reports even after

they ADMIT there are errors and stating they have corrected them.

I am proceeding with legal action in the form of any type of class
action lawsuits we can initiate out of Washington State which has one of

the strongest pro-consumer codes in the US.  Please feel free to e-mail
me rmurry@pop.nwlink.com if you want to join with me.  This type of
bureaucratic nonsense and consumer rights violations cannot continue.

Would appreciate any advice or help from anyone.

Example 112

Dear Sir:
If only I had found your site sooner.   I know this isn't the first time
that you have heard that....To make a long story short I owed First USA
$2,000.00.   My husband had lost his job after 27 years of employment.
When the company down sized he was given a severance pay.  With that
lump sum we paid a large amount of our USA credit card.  Our biggest
fear was that my husband would have to take a cut in pay in today's job
market.  He was unemployed for the entire summer.  Finally he found work
and as we both feared he had to take a cut in pay.  We continued to make
payment on our bill but not the full payment.  We noticed the 21%
interest rate was now being charged to our account and a fee of $25.00
for not making the entire payment.  Now my balance is continuing to rise
when I am not even using the card........My husband was fired Christmas
Eve, this is not a joke......I contacted all my creditor and explained
the hardship and they were great.  One even removed ALL the finance
charges on my account, others lowered my payment.  First USA was the
only creditor that did not help me.   I continued to send them only
$25.00 a month and my account balance continued to grow.  Without notice
they have sent me to a collection agency, Accelerated Bureau of
Collections, Inc.  I have never been so shocked and upset as I am now.
This company wants all the moneys right now or they will take legal
action.  We don't have the cash to do this.  The collection agency
refused a monthly payment, he said that they are not a bank.  I am sick
over this whole situation.  I was making payments to First USA and
without notice these idiots are calling me at work.

I feel like I am living in a nightmare.

Example 113
I am so glad I found your site!  I have excellent credit and am willing to
provide a TRW to prove this.  I, like many of your contributors, started out
with a low interest rate that slowly crept up to $19.99.  This last month was
the straw that broke the camel's back!  My balance was approximately $1,091.
and I made a payment of $589. through my banks online bill payment system.  I
am currently checking with them to see if this payment was transmitted
electronically or via mail.  I paid the payment on 4/24/98 and it was due
4/27/98 - granted this did not allow even 5 business days to credit the
payment.  However, payments in the past sent 10 days prior have NOT been
credited and a late fee assessed - conveniently, these payments were posted
ONE day after my bill was due.

In this situation, probably sensing their CASH COW was about to end for my
account, the payment did not post until 4/28/98 - AN EXCUSE TO ASSESS ME A
$25.00 LATE FEE AND HIKE MY INTEREST RATE TO 23.99%!!!  I plan to:  1)  Pay
off my account as soon as possible and thank GOD that I have options in regard
to this; 2)  Investigate any type of class action lawsuit I can be a part of;
and 3)  Return every offer I receive from them (stupid idiots send them to you
even though you have one, and in my case two accounts - spouse has one - with
them) marked "Return to Sender - You Guys are Crooks!"  Thanks for this

Example 114

I just finished writing a useless letter of frustration to someone at First USA. I think this will give me much more
satisfaction! We took out an equity loan to pay off one First USA Visa card and almost pay off another First USA
Mastercard. The Visa account was dealt with satisfactorily. It has been 56 days since they should have received the
2nd check which was in the same envelop as the Visa check. We still have not received credit for the $3,800 that we
sent them. Meanwhile, we have been accruing interest on the $3,800 we borrowed and on the $3,800 that is still
uncredited! Fortunately, we took out the loan from another bank! After a lengthy telephone discussion and elevated
blood pressure, I decided to see what I could find out here. I am comforted to know that it isn't just me who has had
trouble with this company. I am definately going to send a note to Dateline via your link. Thanks so much for letting
me get this out!
I am also going to try to attach the letter that I wrote to give a little more background! If it doesn't work... Thanks

Example 115

    I just had a terrible day trying to figure out what happened to my statement of my First USA Platinum card, so I was
searching anything that would help me sort out the confusion I'm having. That's when I came to this web site, which
freaked me out!
    My experience started when they (First USA) forgot to send me a statement for the duration for February. I was
back at my home country for the spring break  and was surprised to know from my roommate that I didn't receive a
statement which usually arrives around the end of March. I immediately called the customer service, and they told me
that I must be wrong , because they send it. They even accused me of telling them the wrong address, and I know
they do that just because I have an accent in English. I told them to check my records if I never have made a late
payment, and surely enough I was a "valued-customer" for them. Then this representative at last agreed to delay the
due date for me to make the payment(I wouldn't have made it if they didn't). The representative told me the amount
due and the next day, I paid the FULL AMOUNT due.
    Today, I received a statement and it has a finance charge. A LOT too! I again called the customer service, to find
out what the heck is happening. A very uncooperative person received my call and totally denied my claim and
preached me how First USA can never be wrong. She did admit that the amount the other customer rep. told me was
probably wrong, but then after that she started to say that there might have been a misunderstanding??!! I hate this!
Just because of my accent... I think they should treat everyone in the world equally, but not to mention, I am a U.S.
Citizen, born in a foreign country, and it really bugs me when someone treats me like I'm an illegal alien just because of
the accent on the phone. Usually this does not happen, but it sure did happen with First USA!
    Thank you for raising your voice against First USA. You are a strong person and I admire you for standing up
against this unreliable company. There! I just ripped and burned my stupid "PLATINUM"(whatever) card!     Thank
you again

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