Example 106

I'm not sure who you are, but I found your e-mail on the Net after
attempting to find some solution for my lack of help from First USA. I
was astonished to see so many complaints, yet somewhat relieved that I
was in the company of many others who believed this crap given us by
this unethical company. My story is similar to many of those I read,
i.e. being promised a certain interest rate only to have it raised
substantially in six months, and then raised again. Also being charged
with a late fee when it was their mistake, not mine, that the payment
wasn't posted at the proper time. On and on it goes. After many
complaints from me about the interest rate to their customer service
group, I cancelled my account with a balance owed. I then got a letter
in the mail promising me an 8.9% rate for six months and then a 12.9%
fixed from then on. I saw the 4.9% for one month and now I was informed
that the whole thing was a mistake and my REAL interest rate will be
20.9%. How do they get away with this????

Thank you.

Example 107

hat a GREAT SITE!!

I didn't realize I had been scammed by FirstUSA, but obviously I was
since I got their "low interest special."  Also, I had about $3,000
worth of charges that were to a fraudulent "business opportunity" and
FirstUSA refused to help me because it was over 60 days -- and I
probably could have fought them after the FTC sued this particular
company for fraud.

But that is neither here nor there because they settled for 47% and
it's done.  It may have been a mistake, but at least they're gone and
that's the end of my story.

I have a scam site at http://www.fountaincorners.com/biz/scam.htm and
I'm very leery or mentioning companies by name because of the fear of

Can you tell me how you get away with this?  I mean, is it just that
you don't let them worry you, or do you know some secret that I
don't?  I would love to be able to be more "open" on my site and
share experiences that are not my own -- so any info would be


Example 108
Just visited your site today, May 4th, 1998, for the first time.
I also had trouble with First USA jumping up my interest rate without notifying me. As with other people, I
received the intro rate, 5.9%... a few months later went to 13.9... then without notice the rate went to 19.99%
for a number of months... a few more months to 20.24%... This I am sorry (even embarrassed)to say was
when I discovered the changes.
I called them immediately and had the rate reduced. To my surprise they gave me the intro rate again of
5.9% for 6 months... now it is at 12.99% and has been for about 7 months.
I connect to the Internet via a cable modem and honestly only 5 minutes ago after visiting your site for the
first time, I just received a call from a First USA telephone solicitor. They were trying to offer some weird plan
that covers vacation costs, sunglasses and haircuts!!! What the hell is that about? The telemarketer was
almost laughing which I found strange. Maybe she realizes how ridiculous her company is!!!
Anyway, my new plan is to pay of the remaining balance and find some other card. Thanks for your site and
please respond if there is anything I can do to help on my end.

Example 109

On September 22, 1997 I closed my credit card account with First USA
Bank.  I received a letter in the mail from Lisa Huddleston stating that
my account had been closed and reflected a credit balance of $127.00.
She further stated that I would be recieving a check for this amount
under separate cover within seven business days.  On October 9, 1997 I
recieved a check in the amount of $55.40 dated September 26, 1997.  I
subsequently cashed the check and assumed that the account was closed.
My next statement reflected a balance due First USA for $127.00.
Puzzled by this, I telephoned First USA.  I was informed by Janice in
Orlando that First USA had actually sent me two credit refund checks,
one for $55.40 and the other for $127.00.  My account now reflected a
balance due of $127.00.  Since I only recieved one check for $55.40, I
asked them to send me a copy of the cancelled check for $127.00.  Janice
agreed to do so but never sent anything to me.  The next month I have
finance charges and late fees on the $127.00.  I telephoned again, this
time speaking with Sheila who credited me back the finance charges and
promising to send me that copy of the cancelled check for $127.00.  Once
again in December I recieved my statement with late fees and finance
charges on $127.00.  So, I telephoned again.  This time I got Zelda who
once again removed the finance charges on my account and promised to
send me a copy of the cancelled check for $127.00.  Finally on December
12, 1997 I recieved a copy of my cancelled check, but it was the check
for $55.40.  I'm beginning to wonder now, if they are all really this
stupid or am I not explaining myself.  Once again I telephoned First USA
and got another lady named Janice on December 13, 1997, she assured me
that she would flag my account and prevent services charges and late
fees from accruing until I recieved the copy of the $127.00 cancelled
check.  As of today I have spoken with Sheila Sanders (3 times), Zelda
Jones, Lisa Huddleston, Janice (twice), Ann Malnosky, Gina, Eric, Robert
and Carla.  I finally got fed up with the time I was wasting on this
account and made a final telephone call and informed them that I would
not be calling again.  I had gone above and beyond my responsibility to
clear this matter up.  The next day I recieved a call from a woman who
did not giv her name apologizing for the trouble.  She claimed to be
holding in her hand a copy of the cancelled $127.00 check and that she
would be forwarding a copy to me.  That was almost three months and
$70.00 in finance charges ago.  I give up.

Example 110

Hi, I just got off the phone with these Leisure Advantage people - the
phone call had scam written all over it, but they used First USA's name
all over the place - supposedly this means its reputable, right? Well I
hopped on the Net to see if I could find any info about it and found
this page. Many thanks for posting it!

After reading just a few of the stories I thought I was reading my own
account of MY experiences with First USA. Three days ago I got my fifth
monthly statement in a row with the bait and switch routine: they
promised 4.9% and sent me a letter saying so.  Every month's bill comes
in a 5.9%. The first time I called about this they said oh, sorry, and
credited the account - and the credit was reversed in the next
statement. I called and complained and they credited again, said the
rate was fixed, and sent another letter stating the rate was 4.9%. Sure
enough, this month's bill is 5.9%.

And the complaints people have with unusually slow payment processing
are right on as well. I have had probably six cards in as many years
with different banks, and as soon as I was using First USA my payments
went from clearing in 2-5 days to 7-14 days.  This costs consumers
money, pure and simple.  These guys are blood-suckers!

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