Example 101

In November they charged to my account an odd $10 transaction fee.
Following standard guidelines I wrote to question this charge and paid
the remaineder of my bill in full.  They following month I received a
bill charging me interest in the full prior month's balance.  When I
called, they claimed they never received my letter, and then they went
through several explanations for the transaction fee. . . ; none ow
which were true.  Well after several more phone calls and another letter
I got the fee and the interest removed.  Now this month my bill arrives
with a $25.00 late charge and interest fee!  I mailed by check for the
full balance several days before it was due; they are claiming they did
not receive it on time!  In reviewing past bills just now I just
realize they have also been changing the due date every month.  I was
with my previous VISA company for 15 years with never an error or late
payment; when they added an annual fee I stupidly switched to First USA.
 What a mistake.  I intend to file formal complaints with every agency
there is.

Example 102

In my internet research this afternoon for work, I ran a search for
First USA Bank and your site was listed within the first 5 sources.  I
was completely moved to take a look as I've been battling with First USA
since January over them hiking my rate to 21.9% after 16.9%.  Although I
didn't get the "bait and switch" they never notified me of the rate hike
and when I called for an explanation, I was basically told that it was
increased because I basically was a bad customer.  They didn't actually
say that, but it was implied in the reasons given.  They said that they
often review accounts and usually change customer's rates due to any of
the following 3 reasons: Not making minimum payments, late payments,
Exceeding credit limit.

I had a zero balance with them for a quite awhile, then I moved last May
and acquired debt to support my move.  From June through the end of the
year, I was making almost 3 times my minimum payments every month...on
time.  I was told that I had been late 2 times in the past year....TWO
TIMES!  (I was late by 5 days according to their records...not even late
enough to report it to the credit bureau.)  Then they said I was not
meeting my minimum obligations...I paid TWO to THREE times the minimum
every month!  They also told me of the exceeding credit limit
issue....I've NEVER been over my limit with them.

Not that I have to tell you, but I was disgusted with them!  This past
January I was able to get the rate reversed back to my rate before the
hike (as I closed my account with them) and a late charge from December
reversed (because they cashed my check but didn't credit my account).  I
was told that the rate would remain until I paid off the balance.  (Yeah
right!)  Sure enough, with my April statement, my rate went back to
21.9%.  I called again to be told that there are no records of the
discussion I had previously and that "the guy" could not reverse the
rate.  He said I had to write to their business division or something.

I'm having numerous life upheavals right now, that I didn't want to deal
with the stress and frustration of them now.  So I haven't complained
higher up.  I'm frantically trying to find another card to transfer the
balance to because 21.9% is outrageous!  I'm not having much luck
finding the right company.  Perhaps your site will help me.

I didn't fill out the class action suit as I don't think my situation is
the bait and switch issue, but none-the-less their practices are
unethical and their employees are taught to LIE.

Thanks for letting me vent my story.

Example 103
My story is one pretty much as what I've been hearing. Joined up with
their introductory 5.9%. Was billed at a much higher 13.9% called in to
them. And was refunded the finance charges. Catch is this I went back
over the original paper work that was sent to me and I'm actually
supposed to be charged at 12.99%. Called them again and this time got a
name number and fax number to have my interest rate changed back to
12.99%. Am currently looking for a respectable bank. Was that an
oxy-moron, Respectable bank???  Better yet  I'll check with my credit

Example 104

My wife originally got a First USA card in '93 on an Air Force Base, in
conjunction with the Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES); it's a Wal-Mart
type store for military folks.

The interest is 17.1%.  She has, and now we have, made all payments on time.
95% of the time paying more than the minimum.  They have graciously upped and
upped are credit limit.  To the point that we've went from the regular card to
the platinum in '96.

We then kept seeing leaflets about First USA offering gold and platinum cards
at 5.9% initially, then 12.99%.  My wife called to see if they'd drop our
interest rate to 12.99% (heck, we owe them enough money that they'd still make
a profit off us).  They said they couldn't do it because they had an agreement
with AAFES that locked the interest rate.  What kind of crap is that?  Our run
in with them is nothing like some of the other folks out there, but it still
illustrates the point that First USA is in the business of gouging people.  So
much for customer service!  Here's a good one . . . quote from a message at
the bottom of our last statement:
"Thank you for continuing to use your First USA Credit Card.  We value the
relationship we have built with you and your continued business is important
to us.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to service your
What a joke!

I suppose rapists say the same things to their victims:  "Thanks for going out
with me.  I value our relationship because I trust you'll never tell anyone.
I know that I can victimize you anytime I please because you are too scared to
do anything about.  If I can ever do anything for you, let me know, because
you're mine . . . mine and only mine . . . no one else will ever have you."


Anyway, thanks for letting me vent.  You guys keep the faith and keep
spreading the word.  Don't let them shut you down.  You're not slandering
them, you're only letting people share their experiences.  You can't be shut
down just because you're sharing things that they may not want people to know.

Yours Truly,

Example 105

Hi, I just mailed a final demand and notification to First USA Bank
regarding adjustment
of my account and credit for the interest they raised on me without
authorization.  They did to me all the things you listed and then some.
They just sold my account to North American Capital Corporation and
notified me extemporaneously with a back dated letter but the envelope
was postmarked three weeks later.  I can later send a copy of my letter
without my name or account number(s) since it IS the internet and I have
requested Phil Goldsmith to take part in his class action.  If it is too
late in the suit to do that, I will start a separate action on my own.

I am so very glad you are doing this.  Would you have any problem with
my sending a copy of your website to the FDIC as part of the
documentation to the complaint I filed with them?

Thank you,

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