Example 10

I sent a notice to close my VISA card account along with a cut-up card to them in late October. AT that time I paid of the entire balance including some disputed charges. I am still being ivoiced for interst and "late charges" after sending a second written notice. What does it take to close an account?

Example 11

Thanks for this page, wish I had looked into it before I applied for my
First USA Platinum card.

I also received an promo (pre-approved) package offering the 5.9% rate
and on the application which I sent in asked that the balance of another
card be transferred (my First Union M/C) to this First USA account, this
was the last week of October '97.

At the end of November I recieved my statement from First Union showing
that the account had not been paid off and included a late charge fee
along with the finance charge for another month.

The day I received this statement from First Union I called First USA
and asked what was going on, I spoke with a fellow named Richard. They
didn't have any record of my request for a transfer, however, it was
right on the application that got me my card!! On December 9th I was
contacted by First Union requesting payment. I told them I had just
spoken with First USA and they were wiring the money as of the 6th and
they should have already gotten it, I was promised it would be there by
the 22nd, the date it was due at First Union.

On December 19th I was again contacted by First Union informing me that
they still had not received the payment. On December 20th, I again
called First USA. I was given a run around but this time was told the
original wire transfer was declined on Noveember 11th. Hum, no mention
of that on my call to them on the 6th of December, this time it was
Michael telling me they were sorry and First USA would take care of any
late fees and extra finance charges due First Union and he would get the
money wired that day to pay off my account at First Union.

On December 26th I got another call from First Union saying they still
had not received the money from First USA. Today, December 29th, I
called First USA again. At first they couldn't even find my account but
after some prodding on my part Diane found it and just couldn't explain
what happened but she'd take care of it TODAY!

Of course during this whole mess I was also contacted by someone who
said they were from First USA with a good deal for $40.00 worth of
gasoline from anywhere I wanted to buy it and 30 days FREE in some
travel program and thereafter $59.95 per year, but I could cancel after
the 30 days without penalty.

Well I still haven't recieved the package, and after reading another
example on this page don't expect to, but if I ever get a bill from
First USA I suspect I'll be billed for the $59.95. Let me tell you they
don't stand a chance in hell of collecting a penny from me for anything
after reading this page and going through some other links!!!!

Example 12

Our interst rate started at 5.9% also, was then raised to 12.99%, and then
again to 17.99%.  The last increase was in June 97 to a whopping 22.99%
which I did not notice until the end of August when I realized my payment
was barely covering interest!  We did NOT receive any notice of an
increase, although when I spoke to an advisor in August, she insisted that
one had been sent (yeah, right).  I immediately canceled the card since the
two options she gave me were to get the rate dropped ( I opted for this
first but was not approved) or to cancel the card and have the rate
returned to 17.99%.  We have never been late, we do carry a balance
(transferred from a "high rate" card), and pay over the minimum due each
We received a letter dated Sept 9, 1997 assuring us that the account was
closed and confirming the outstanding balance.  We later received a letter
dated Sept 26, 1997 again stating the account was closed and the rate would
revert back to 17.99% on the November 1997 billing.  Interesting how they
can increase the rate in a snap but it takes three months to reduce it!

We received the Nov 1997 billing, and of course the rate wasn't reduced.  I
called an advisor on 11/20/97 and was told that the account had just been
adjusted that day and the interest charges would be credited BUT she could
not tell me the amount of the credit.  I would have to call back the next
day and I could find out the amount and if it hadn't changed I would need
to talk to someone in the "interest rate dept".  Dummy me, I didn't check
back the next day, but trusted that everything had been taken care of,
which of course it hadn't.

Received the Dec 1997 billing with same 22.99% and called another advisor
on 12/17/97.  The first call I made that day, the man answering stated they
had no "interest rate dept" and then I got cut off(?).  The next call, the
woman apologized for my being cut off, said there was no credit showing,
and interest rate was not adjusted.  She transferred me to another woman
who confirmed nothing had been done BUT the info had been sent to the
correct dept and it may show within a week or on the next statement.

As of today, 12/30/97, this is still unresolved and unfortunately I am
unable to transfer the balance to another card.  One thing I did do just to
piss them off is to take them up on their offer of a platinum card for my
husband at 5.9% (he is on the original account, and they have sent us at
least five (5) offers just since 8/97) and have them transfer there 22.99%
Visa balance to it.  I sent this in on 12/8 and have not yet heard back.
Also, there is nothing in the offer that says I can't do this, so we'll

Sorry this is so long, but I hope it helps someone else.

Example 13

I can echo your sentiments about First USA.  My rate was guaranteed at
12.9% and all of a sudden it was raised to 19%.  They claim I was
notified on my statement which is total BS.  I went back and looked back
at all my statements and there was no such communication.  They would
not give me a good reason for the rate increase.  I have subsequently
closed my account and wish someone would take them out.

Example 14

I got the bait and switch scam from first USA. I got the initial 5.9%
interest rate offered. Used the card
for the initial 6 month period. It then mysteriously jumped up to 13%. I
called about this. They had no valid explanation for this. I requested
to close the account. The next thing I knew they were charging me
22.24%. Needless to say I have been trying to pay this off. I have been
sending in large checks. I sent in
three totalling over 3500.00. They have been taking their sweet time in
processing these. The last on e
was sent on 12/6/97 for 1500.00 and they still havent posted it to my
account. They said it was lost. It was sent priority mail. I doubt it.

Now, I have been trying to talk to someone at first USA and keep getting
"they are getting excessive numbers of calls. please try again later.

I just called Phil Goldsmith. I will do anything I can to get this
unjustice resolved.

Example 15

I wish I would have seen your site before I got the card.  I was lucky
in that I had resources to transfer the balance quickly and only get
nailed for 1 month of the higher interest rate.  Other things that
happened to me include:

* Payments taking up to two weeks to get posted
* They put a hold on my account on two separate occasions for no reason
which caused embarassment on my part

I think I will follow up on some of the things below.  This really
pisses me off since I have great credit and never did anything to have
my rate increased.

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