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Another Capital One Experience

I had a similar experience with Capital One.

I called to cancel a secured credit card after I received a statement with some vague charges. It seemed that every month my balance kept increasing dramatically, although and I didn't even use the stupid card.

When I called to cancel the card, I was nearly at my credit limit (which was secured anyway). They told me they would cancel the card, so I was very surprised to receive a bill the next month with the annual fee charge. Since I hadn't paid my bill, they also charged me $25.00.

Well, when I called them back to ask why they hadn't cancelled my card, they said they couldn't cancel a card while it was over the limit. I told them I had called the previous month and they told me they were cancelling it.

In the meantime, they continued to send me bills with late charge fees. Now they tell me I owe them $400.00!!!

I owed them nothing, since my credit limit was the amount of my secured deposit. Why would they let me go over the limit in the first place? Now they harass me nearly every day.

I have told them that I do not owe them this money and I have no idea what to do now. They are going to ruin my credit.

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October 29, 1999