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A Capital One Experience

I wanted to let you know about an experience I had recently with Capital One.

We have been cleaning up our credit for a couple of years and thought obtaining unsecured Visa cards would help rebuild out credit. We had a couple of store cards and that is it now. So I know our credit isn't perfect yet.

I received a card from Capital One that had a $39 membership fee. That was fine. Well then my husband applied for a different one that said nothing about a membership fee.

After receiving a first bill they had not charged a membership fee on either card. They waited until it was a few dollars away from the $300 limit and then charged the fee along with an over-the-limit fee. Then on my husband's second bill there was a $59 membership fee which after reading the application we could find no mention of. Well that also made it over the limit and they tack on the $25. Due date said May 3. When we called to inquire about the membership fee the due date was said to be April 24th. Had we not called we would have also been charged late fees. On the second bill for both we had late fees because they were not posted to the account until one day after due date. We mailed a week ahead but was still said to be late.

We then told them to close both accounts. They said they could not do that until the account was paid in full. I was puzzled by this because I had closed accounts before when they were not paid yet without any problem.

We cut up the cards and I will be sending them back with a written letter of request and payment. When I was asked why I wanted to close the account I told them exactly why and the girl acted mad at me. They will find any reason possible to charge you extra fees and I won't have a card that does that. They lost us after just 2 months.

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May 9, 1999