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Buying the Latest Collectibles

By my definition, a "collectible" is something I own, that I would like somebody else to collect, and to pay me as dearly as possible for. But for the modern marketer, a collectible is something they can manufacture for a pittance, and sell for a princely sum. The difference between these two definitions is that they can manufacture these so-called collectibles in any numbers. Even if they have promised to limit sales to some finite number, they can just go on and create new variations of the collectible as suits their needs, until the particular "limited edition" that you purchased is just one among hundreds of such variations.

If I start to list the merchandise that has been sold as collectibles, I may not know when to end:
baseball cards, collector plates, commemorative stamps, comic books (especially "first issues" of the numerous "limited edition" series), figurines, "Franklin" sets, prepaid phone cards, prepaid gas cards, and a whole bunch more.

Alerts about counterfeit and/or knockoff Beanie Babies:

Some articles discussing the purchase of toys as something that you don't let your kids play with:

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