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This chain letter was received in the Cagey Consumer's email, and is published here for educational purposes only. It is not a solicitation to participate in the chain letter. Participants in chain letters may be subject to prosecution.
"If only I could find an easier way to make a higher income, I
could pay off my bills once and for all!"

"If I had more money, I could spend more time with my Family, and
less time at work"

"I would love to get involved in a business in which will
generate money while I am not at work (like a Gas Pump)"

DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR?  We have all pondered these thoughts at
some time or another. The question is, what would you do if you
found a way to solve your financial problems? Would you grab the
opportunity with both hands, or would you simply ignore it,
believing it to be too good to be true.

The following document is the outline of a legitimate, simple and
easy to understand, money making opportunity. This program has
been around for a couple of years now and has been proven to make

Some people have built their own personal fortune in a matter of
months using it.  I have personally earned several thousand
dollars with little effort since I received this e-mail a month

It may be the catch phase of all Internet promotions, but this
program really does work, I can tell you from personal
experience.  Luck has a lot to do with realising when an
opportunity presents itself.


Please, print this off and read thoroughly. Be sure that you
don't miss any of the points outlined. Then put it down, and then
read it again. I am sending you a whole lot of information in
which you might not understand the first time you read it. If you
don't believe this program will work for you, send it to ten of
your closest friends, and ask them what they think?

This really works! Have faith, don't miss this  opportunity, get
involved also, and it will work for you as it does for us!


Due to the popularity of this letter on the Internet, A MAJOR
NIGHTLY NEWS Program recently dedicated an entire show to the
investigation of the program described below to see if it really
can make people money.

The show also investigated whether or not the program was legal.
Their findings proved that there are absolutely no laws
prohibiting the participation in the program. This has helped to
show people that this is a simple, harmless and fun way to make
some extra money at home.

The results have been truly remarkable. So many people are
participating that those involved are doing much better than ever
before. Since everyone makes more as more people try it out, its
been very exciting.

You will understand only if you get involved!

Print This Now For Future Reference



Would you like to make $50,000 in less than 90 days! If not,
forward this to someone who would like to make this kind of money
 It works (like designed) but only for those who follow it to
the letter!

Please read this program...THEN READ IT AGAIN!! THIS IS A

It does NOT require you to come into contact with people or make
or take any telephone calls. Just follow the instructions, and
you will make money. This simplified e-mail marketing program
works perfectly 100% EVERY TIME!

E-mail is the sales tool of the future. Take advantage of this
virtually free method of advertising NOW!!! The longer you wait,
the more people will be doing business using e-mail. Get your
piece of this action!!!


Hello - My name is Johnathon Rourke, I'm from Rhode Island.

The enclosed information is something I almost let slip through
my fingers. Fortunately, sometime later I re-read everything and
gave some thought and study to it. Two years ago, the corporation
I worked for the past twelve years down-sized and my position was
eliminated. After unproductive job interviews, I decided to open
my own business. Over the past year, I incurred many unforeseen
financial problems. I owed my family, friends and creditors over
$35,000. The economy was taking a toll on my business and I just
couldn't seem to make ends meet. I had to re-finance and borrow
against my home to support my family and struggling business.

AT THAT MOMENT something significant happened in my life. I am
writing to share the experience in hopes that this could change
your life FOREVER.

In mid December, I received this program in my e-mail. Six months
prior to receiving this program I had been sending away for
information on various business opportunities. All of the
programs I received, in my opinion, were not cost effective. They
were either too difficult for me to comprehend or the initial
investment was too much for me to risk to see if they would work.
But as I was saying, in December of 1997 I received this program.
I didn't send for it, or ask for it, they just got my name off a
mailing list.

THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT!!! After reading it several times, to
make sure I was reading it correctly. I couldn't believe my eyes!
Here was a MONEY MAKING MACHINE I could start immediately without
any debt.

Like most of you I was still a little sceptical and a little
worried about the legal aspects of it all. So I checked it out
with the U.S. Post Office (1-800-725-2161 24-hrs) and they
confirmed that it is indeed legal!

After determining the program was LEGAL I decided WHY NOT!?!??

Initially I sent out 10,000 e-mails. It cost me about $15 for my
time on-line. The great thing about e-mail is that I don't need
any for printing to send out the program, and because I also send
the product (reports) by e-mail, my only expense is my time.

In less than one week, I was starting to receive orders for
REPORT #1. By January 13, I had received 26 orders. Your goal is
to Receive at least 20 orders for REPORT #1 within 2 weeks. If
you don't, send out more programs until you do.

My first step in making $50,000 in 90 days was done. By January
30, I had received 196 orders for REPORT #2. Your goal is to
receive at least 100+ orders for REPORT #2 within 2 weeks. If
not, send out more programs until you do. Once you have 100
orders, the rest is easy, relax, you will make your $50,000 GOAL.

Well, I had 196 orders for REPORT #2, 96 more than I needed, so I
sat back and relaxed. By March 1, of my e-mailing of 10,000, I
received $58,000 with more coming in every day. I paid off ALL my
debts and bought a much needed new car!

Please take your time to read this plan, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE
FOREVER!!! Remember, it won't work if you don't try it.

This program does work, BUT you must follow it EXACTLY!
Especially the rules of not trying to place your name in a
different place. It won't work and you'll lose out on a lot of
money! In order for this program to work, you must meet your goal
of 20+ orders for REPORT #1, and 100+ orders for REPORT #2 and
you will make $50,000 or more in 90 days.

I AM LIVING PROOF THAT IT WORKS!!! If you choose not to
participate in this program, I am sorry. It really is a great
opportunity with little  cost or risk to you. If you choose to
participate, follow the program and you will be on your way to
financial security. If you are a fellow business owner and are in
financial trouble like I was, or you want to start your own
business, consider this a sign. I DID!


Johnathon Rourke

$$$ IT IS UP TO YOU!! NOW DO IT!! $$$

BEFORE YOU delete this program from your inbox, as I almost did,
take a little time to read it and REALLY THINK ABOUT IT. Get a
pencil and figure out what could happen when YOU participate.
Figure out the worst possible response and no matter how you
calculate it, you will still make a lot of money! You will
definitely get back what you invested. Any doubts you have will
vanish when your first orders come in.


This method of raising capital REALLY WORKS 100% EVERY TIME. I am
sure that you could use up to $50,000 or more in the next 90
days. Before you say "BULL....", please read this program
carefully. This is not a chain letter, but a perfectly legal
money making business.

As with all multi-level businesses, we build our business by
recruiting new partners and selling our products. Every state in
the USA allows you to recruit new multi-level business partners,
and we sell and deliver a product for EVERY dollar received.

involved in personal selling. You do it privately in your own
home, store or office. This is the EASIEST marketing plan
anywhere! It is simply order filling by e-mail!

The product is informational and instructional material, keys to
the secrets for everyone on how to open the doors to the magic
world of E-COMMERCE, the information super highway, the wave of
the future!


*** STEP 1 ***

Order the five reports shown on the list below. For each report,
send $5.00 CASH, with...



YOUR NAME & RETURN ADDRESS to the person whose name appears on
the list next to the report.


*** STEP 2 ***

After you've ordered all five reports, take this Advertisement
and REMOVE the Name & Address of the Person in REPORT #5. This
person has made it through the cycle and is no doubt counting
their fortune.

Move the Name & Address in REPORT #4 down TO REPORT #5

Move the Name & Address in REPORT #3 down TO REPORT #4

Move the Name & Address in REPORT #2 down TO REPORT #3

Move the Name & Address in REPORT #1 down TO REPORT #2

Insert YOUR Name & Address in the REPORT #1 Position

PLEASE MAKE SURE you copy every Name & Address ACCURATELY

IMPORTANT ... DO NOT alter the names of the people  who are
listed next to each report, or their sequence on  the list, in
any way other than what is instructed or you will loose out on
majority of your profits. Once you understand the way this works,
you will also see how it does not work if you change it.
Remember, this method has been tested, and if you alter, it will
NOT work!!! People have tried to put their friends/relatives
names on all five thinking they could get all the money. But it
does not work this way. Believe us, we all have tried to be
greedy and then nothing happened. So Do Not try to change
anything other than what is instructed, if you do it will not
work for you. Remember, honesty reaps the rewards!!!

*** STEP 3 ***

Take this entire letter (with the modified list of  names) and
save it on your computer. DO NOT MAKE ANY OTHER CHANGES. Save
this on a disk as well just in case you loose any data.

*** STEP 4 ***

Wait to receive all 5 reports by e-mail, this should take about a
week, depending on what country you are from and what country you
mailed your orders to.

Save these reports on your computer so they will be accessible
for you to send to the 1,000's of people who will order them from
you. Also make a back-up of these reports on floppy disk, and
keep it on your desk in case something happens to your computer.

These reports will assist you with marketing your business on the
Internet.  The 5 reports you purchase will provide you with
invaluable marketing information which includes how to send bulk
e-mails legally, where to find thousands of free classified ads
and much more.


Your cost to participate in this is practically nothing (surely
you can afford $25 and initial bulk mailing cost). You obviously
already have a computer and an Internet connection and e-mail is


This program works by recruiting new members to your downline.
There are two primary methods of building your downline...


Let's say that you decide to start small, just to see how it
goes, and we'll assume you and all those involved e-mail out only
5,000 programs each. Let's also assume that the mailing receives
a 0.1% response. The response could be much better. Also, many
people will e-mail out hundreds of thousands of programs instead
of 5,000 (Why stop at 5000?).

Continuing with this example, you send out only 5,000 programs.
With a 0.1% response, that is only 5 orders for REPORT #1.

Those 5 people respond by sending out 5,000 programs each for a
total of 25,000. The 0.1% response to that is 25 orders for

Those 25 mail out 5,000 programs each for a total of 125,000. The
0.1% response to that is 125 orders for REPORT #3.

Those 125 send out 5,000 programs each for a 625,000 total. The
0.1% response to that is 625 orders for REPORT #4.

Those 625 send out 5,000 programs each for a total of 3,125,000.
The 0.1% response to that is 3,125 orders for REPORT #5.

That's 5 + 25 + 125 + 625 + 3125 = 3,905 orders, each with a $5
bill for you. Your total income in this example would therefore
be $19,525 CA$H!!!

Remember friend, this is assuming 4,995 OUT OF THE 5,000 PEOPLE
Dare to think for a moment what would happen in everyone, or half
the members sent out 100,000 programs instead of 5,000. Believe
me, many people will do just that, and more!

By the way there are several hundred MILLION e-mail addresses
with millions more joining the Internet each year so don't worry
about "running out" or "saturation". People are used to seeing
and hearing the same advertisements every day on radio/TV. How
many times have you received the same pizza flyers on your door?
Then one day you are hungry for pizza and you order one. Same
thing with this letter. I received this letter many times then
one day I decided it was time to try it.


Advertising on the Internet is very, very inexpensive, and there
are HUNDREDS of FREE places to advertise. Let's say you decide to
start small just to see how well it works. Assume your goal is to
get ONLY 10 PEOPLE to participate on your first level. (Placing a
lot of FREE ads on the Internet will EASILY get a larger
response.) Also assume that everyone else in YOUR ORGANISATION
gets ONLY 5 downline members. Look how this small number
accumulates to achieve the STAGGERING results below:

1st level--your first 10 members send you $5.........$50
2nd level--5 members from those 10 ($5x50)..........$250
3rd level--5 members from those 50 ($5x250).......$1,250
4th level--5 members from those 250 ($5x1250).....$6,250
5th level--5 members from those 1250 ($5x6250)...$31,250

THIS TOTALS -----------------------$39,050

AMAZING ISN'T IT? Remember friends, this assumes that the people
who participate only recruit 5 people each. Think for a moment
what would happen if they got 20 people to participate! Most
people get 100's of participants and many will continue to work
this program, sending out programs WITH YOUR NAME ON THEM for

People are going to get e-mails about this plan from you or
somebody else and many will work this plan - the question is,


REPORT #1 : "The Insider's Guide to Advertising Free on the Net"

   Order Report # 1 from:

   Maria Ayala
   Apartado Postal 28

REPORT #2 : "The Insider's Guide to Bulk E-mailing on the Net"

   Order Report # 2  from :

   Mohd Jaini Musa
   No 23.Jalan Enau 2,
   Taman Teratai,
   81110 Skudai,Johor

REPORT #3 : "The Secret to Multilevel Marketing on the Internet"

   Order Report # 3  from:

   John Johnson
   441 Devonwood Court
   Taylors, SC 29687

REPORT #4 : "How to become a Millionaire Utilising MLM & the Net"

   Order Report # 4   from:

   Jeff Johnson
   811 Bitter Sweet
   Joplin Mo 64801

REPORT #5 : "How to send 1,000,000 E-mails for Free"

   Order Report # 5   from:

   Roy Palmer
   20 Pinehurst
   Greenville,SC 29608

ACCEPTED. Make sure the cash is concealed by wrapping it in two
sheets of paper. On one of those sheets of paper write:

1/ the number & name of the report you are ordering

2/ your e-mail address

3/ your name & postal address


This is what some member's had to say:

   "Thanks to this profitable opportunity. I was approached many
times before but each time I passed on it. I am so glad I finally
joined just to see what one could expect in return for the
minimal effort and money required. To my astonishment, I received
$86,470 in 21 weeks, with money still coming in."

Pam Hedland, Fort Lee, New Jersey.

   "This program has been around for a long time but I never
believed in it. One day when I received this again in the mail I
decided to gamble my $25 on it.  I followed the simple
instructions and walaa ... 3 weeks later the money started to
come in. First month I only made $175 but the  next 2 months
after that I received $38,260. So far, in the past 8 months by
re-entering the program, I have made over $134,000 and I am
playing it again. The key to success in this program is to follow
the simple steps and NOT change anything. But like most people I
was also a little sceptical and little worried about the legal
aspect of it. So I  checked it out with the U.S. Postal Service
(1-800-725 2161 = 24 hrs) and they confirmed that it is indeed
Legal! I am now loving it!"

Richard Templeton, Dallas, Texas.

   "My name is Mitchell. My wife, Jody and I live in  Chicago.  I
am an accountant with a major U.S. Corporation and I make pretty
good money. When I received this program I grumbled to Jody about
receiving 'Junk Mail'. I made fun of the whole thing, spouting my
knowledge of the population and percentages involved. I KNEW it
wouldn't work. Jody totally ignored my supposed intelligence and
few days later she jumped in with both feet. I made merciless fun
of her, and was ready to lay the old 'I told you so' on her when
the thing didn't work. Well, the laugh was on me! Within 3 weeks
she had received 20 responses. Within the next 45 days she had
received almost $56,000 ... all cash!  I was shocked. I have now
joined Jody in her Hobby."

Mitchell Wolf M.D, Chicago, Illinois.

   "Not being the gambling type, it took me several weeks to make
up my mind to participate in this plan. But conservative that I
am, I decided that the initial investment was so little that
there was just no way that I wouldn't get enough orders to at
least get my money back. I was surprised when I found my medium
size post  office box crammed with orders. I made $28,215 in the
first 12 weeks. The nice thing about this deal is that it does
not matter where people live. There simply isn't a better
investment with a faster return and so big''.

Dan Sondstrom, Alberta, Canada


TREAT THIS AS YOUR BUSINESS! Be prompt, professional, and follow
the directions accurately.

When you receive a $5 order, you MUST send out the requested
product/report. It is required for this to be a legal business
and they need the reports to send out their letters (with your
name on them!)

will guarantee that the e-mail THEY send out with YOUR name and
address on it will be prompt because they can't advertise until
they receive the report! Also be patient and persistent with this
program, If you follow the instructions exactly, results will

Every time your name is moved down on the list, you are placed in
front of a DIFFERENT report. You can KEEP TRACK of your PROGRESS
by watching which report people are ordering from you.

Follow these guidelines to guarantee your success...

STEP 1 -- If you don't receive 10 orders for REPORT #1 within two
weeks, continue advertising or sending e-mails until you do.

STEP 2 -- A couple of weeks later you should receive at least 50
orders for REPORT #2. If you don't, continue advertising or
sending e-mails until you do.

STEP 3 -- Once you have received 50 or more orders for REPORT #2,
you can relax because the system is already working for you, and
the cash will continue to roll in.  It is literally that easy!!

To generate more income, simply send another batch of e-mails or
continue placing ads and start the whole process again! There is
no limit to the income you will generate from this business!


Before you make your decision as to whether or not you
participate in this program. Please answer one question. ARE YOU
HAPPY WITH YOUR PRESENT INCOME OR JOB? If the answer is no, then
please look at the following facts about this super simple MLM
program ...

FACT 1 -- NO face to face selling, NO meetings, NO inventory, NO
Telephone calls, NO big start-up cost, No complicated skills to
learn, NO previous experience necessary!

FACT 2 -- No equipment to buy, you already have a computer and
Internet connection, so you have everything you need to fill

FACT 3 -- You are selling a product which DOES NOT COST ANYTHING
TO PRODUCE OR SHIP! (Emailing copies of the reports is FREE)

FACT 4 -- All of your customers pay you in CA$H! This program
will CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!! Look at the potential for you to
be able to quit your job and live a life of luxury you could only
dream about! Imagine getting out of debt and buying the car and
home of your dreams and being able to work a super-high paying,
leisurely, and easy business, all from your own home!

FACT 5 -- The initial investment is so little that anyone can
afford it when you consider the possible outcome. It might cost
$25 for you and your partner to buy a take-out dinner and see a
movie, for example. Consider how much you might spend on
transport costs to and from work, it can add up to more than the
cost of this program in a matter of days!  Who hasn't spent an
evening at the local bar and come home wondering where 20 or 30
dollars has gone!!


This program is so easy that anyone can do it, if you follow the
simple instructions, money will start rolling in.  Once you have
sold your first five reports you have made your investment back
already, what have you got to loose!

step toward achieving financial independence. Order the reports
and follow the program outlined above ... SUCCESS will be your

Thank you for your time and consideration.


PLEASE NOTE: If you need help with starting a business,
registering a business name, learning how income tax is handled,
etc., contact your local office of the Small Business
Administration (a Federal Agency) 1-800-827-5722 for free help
and answers to questions.

The Internal Revenue Service also offers free help via telephone
and free seminars about business tax requirements. Your earnings
are highly dependent on your activities and advertising. The
information contained on this site and in the report constitutes
no guarantees stated nor implied. In the event that it is
determined that this site or report constitutes a guarantee of
any kind, that guarantee is now void. The earning amounts listed
on this site and in the report are estimates only. If you have
any questions of the legality of this program, contact the Office
of Associate Director for Marketing Practices, Federal Trade
Commission, Bureau of Consumer Protection in Washington, DC.

Under Bill s.1618 TITLE III passed by the 105th US Congress this
letter cannot be considered spam as long as the sender includes
contact information and a method of removal.

This is a ONE TIME E-MAIL transmission. No request for removal is
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