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Consumer Alert: College Financial Aid Services of America

On March 27, 1999, the Cagey Consumer received a letter from College Financial Aid Services of America, claiming that:
Several companies have recently emerged and tried to imitate our program. Unlike these companies, College Financial Aid Services of America has been federally approved for copyright and service mark protection and is the only proven organization of its kind offering this proprietary assistance...
Steven L. Daughenbaugh, RCFA
National Director
One tipoff to the deception being practiced is that they're trying too hard to make it sound official. This company drew the attention of the Florida Attorney General's Office, which (as of the date of writing) lists the status of their investigation as follows:

Case Number L98-3-1400
Subject of investigation: College Financial Aid Services of America, Inc. [Wayback archive]
Subject's address
801 West Freeway, 8th Floor, Suite 850
Grand Prairie, Texas 75051
Subject's business Direct mail
Allegation or issue being investigated Deceptive business practices - misrepresenting ability to obtain college financial aid
Status of case: Case under review, Investigation opened, Negotiations in progress
Subject's position: Cooperating with investigation
AG unit handling case: Economic Crimes Division in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Note This case file relates to a civil -- not a criminal -- investigation. The existence of an investigation does not constitute proof of any violation of law.
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updated October 21, 2001