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area codes and other telephone codes

Area code maps are available here.

area code lists

Area Code NPA-NXX Listings Area Code Facts
numeric & location orderNANP Administrator
post-1995 area codes in numeric orderTeltronics
post-1995 area codes in location orderTeltronics
post-1995 area codes in historic orderTeltronics
numeric order with time zone offsetBennet Yee
location order with time zone offsetBennet Yee
numeric orderLinc Madison
location orderLinc Madison
state & numeric order (US)AllAreaCodes
province & numeric order (Canada)AllAreaCodes
Unless otherwise noted, the above lists should include
all area codes and special access codes within the NANPA.

area code lookup services

what provider
area code & country/city code lookup / reverse lookup FreeAdsWeb
area code & country/city code lookup Primeris
area code lookup Americom

area code changes

NPA relief & assignments NANP Administrator
area code changes (Canada) & morePhone Booth
area code changes (current & planned)Rifton Enterprises
area code split datesLinc Madison
1997+ area code changesTeleconnect
timetablePychck Industries
new area codesTeltronics
area code & prefix changes (current month only)Stuff Software
PL-NANP-127 Cagey Consumer
PL-NANP-128 Cagey Consumer
proposed 717 changeBell Atlantic
new IN area codes overview James Bellaire
new MI area codes 10/96 10/96 Ameritech
new NJ area codes 4/96 8/96 10/96 Bell Atlantic
new OH area codes 4/96 Ameritech
new PA area codes 5/96 5/96 Bell Atlantic
new VA area codes 1/96 6/96 11/96 Bell Atlantic
Canadian area codes 514 to 450 Bell Canada
detail change info: CAPac Bell
detail change info: BCBC Tel
detail change info:NW TerrNorthwesTel
history of area codesTelecom Digest

other codes

country codesLinc Madison
World Telephone Numbering Guide Phone Booth
country/city codesACR
carrier access codesWil Dixon
U. S. prefixes NANP Administrator
Canadian prefixes Canadian Numbering Administrator
Findstein Prefix Lookup
(U.S. and Canada only)
Canadian prefixes
(most data not updated since 1995)
Telecom Archives
prefixes by NPA
(20 queries/day)
The Directory
prefixes by NPA
(with lec)
Kentucky prefixes (270) Kentucky PSC
Kentucky prefixes (502) Kentucky PSC
Kentucky prefixes (606) Kentucky PSC
Kentucky prefixes (859) Kentucky PSC
central office locatorDSL Reports


Google area code links
NANPA number resources
Area Code Headlines
North American Numbering Council
LincMad area code resources
Telecom Indiana
Telesleaze Prefixes
Dialing Resource Center
Damage Field Phreaking List
phone phreaking textfiles
grifter's phreaking textfiles
Beehive Conference Bridge: 435-234-TALK
URTA meetings
TelePacific Communications Conference numbers:
415-755-5044, 408-240-4414
(read the instructions on using this service)
Mystery Numbers: 877-900-9000
Mystery Numbers: 800-858-7295
Find toll-free carrier: 800-337-4194

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