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"Angering More Scammers Every Day"

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2Xtreme Will FTC's pyramid scheme charges stick?
FCC AT&T & Sprint join Feds to promise savings
AT&T Avoid New Monthly Minimum Long Distance Charges
Ab Energizer Recall File a claim by 2/28/2006 if you bought the phony Ab Energizer weight loss product.
MCI MCI Turns Phone Calling Into Lottery
VarTec Five Line blows away 10-10-220
Compuserve... PC Rebate Offers May Ignore Federal Law
Consumer Reports "Thumbs Up" for Priceline Groceries. Or Not?
Visa/MasterCard An Anti-Trust Lawsuit Without Villains
CyberRebate Too Good to Be True
Pacific Bell Network Outage Hits Thousands, Pac Bell Virtually Mum<
Phony Solicitors San Jose Police Officers Association issues warning
Consumer Reports "Thumbs Up" for Priceline Groceries. Or Not?
Travel Navigator Business Drops "Business Opportunity" Pyramid Scheme
Halbert's Company That Played "Name Game" is Out of Business
MCI MCI Crams Customers' Phone Bills
CyberThrill Online Gambling Site Cheats Its Own Promoters
MCI Get Chump Change for Frequent Flyer Miles
America Online AOL deletes warnings against work-at-home scams
Mega$Nets FTC Issues Consent Order Against Internet-based Pyramid Scheme
Web pages to avoid Don't click on these pages
Joanne's Work-at-Home Page details of numerous get-rich-quick scams (dead link)
Safeway Phone fraud at the supermarket
Beanie Babies Wake Up: It's Curse of the Beanie Babies!
Pacific Bell Will Phone Company Blunder Cause Customer Disconnects?
FTC Closing of Denver Field office is a loss for consumers
FCC et al Access Fees Ad Infinitum
AT&T Customers Question AT&T Partner
Safeway The Great Safeway Savings Scam
PhoneMiser PhoneMiser Responds to the Cagey Consumer
First USA Bank Bait & Switch Credit Cards
Egghead Software An Open Letter about Egghead's decision to carry PhoneMiser
5¢ Sundays "Revolutionary" MCI Savings Mean Higher Costs
MCI Friends & Family Time for MCI Customers to Switch?
Qwest Communications Long Distance Carrier Makes Second Round in Hall of Shame
WDTN Turn to 2
WFOR Shame on You
KOCO 5 On Your Side
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Scam Enforcement State and Federal regulators institute legal action against the perpetrators of many scams, but in the end they often back down, and allow the scams to continue. Consumers are left to rely on the media and other non-governmental organizations to identify the scammers, but the results are spotty.
dial-around could save you money... if you're careful (obsolete)
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Updated April 21, 2007