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Amway is a Fantastic Opportunity

The message below was received from a Cagey Consumer reader regarding the articles posted about Amway.
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From Fri Jan  8 16:05:07 1999
Hi, I just read the passage about the positive side of Amway called "Apologizing for the cagey consumer". I am glad to see that finally someone has something good to say about Amway on the net.

All you see are "The truth about Amway" and all sorts of negative stuff. Its true that if you work hard you can achieve success in this business. I am a distributor myself and I see this as a fantastic opportunity and one that IS acheivable.

People who CANT do it try to influence others NOT to. It's time the RIGHT message is spread about Amway. Even if people don't want to do to the business, they should be made aware of what Amway is about and that it is a perfectly legal (not a pyramid) business opportunity that offers so much. I mean, can anybody tell me something better?...

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Updated January 9, 1999