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Apologizing for the Cagey Consumer

The message below was received from a Cagey Consumer reader regarding the articles posted about Amway.
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From Sat Sep 26 06:27:14 1998
Subject: Amway Scam
I have read your articles on the "Amway Scam" and as an Amway Distributor in the US I would like to apologies to your readers for any misconception that you have made about the Amway Corporation. Even though you purposely tried to mislead the people in India by voicing your own opinion rather than focussing on the facts I will apologies for you.

Amway Corporation is offering a business opportunity for anyone who is willing to work hard for it. The corporation does not suggest in anyway that you will become a millionaire just by becoming a distributor. It only offers hard working individuals an opportunity to improve their financial situations.

These people who have written to you about loosing money they've invested have truly been misled . Amway does not tell you to buy your way to success and there is no quota that has to be met on a monthly or yearly basis. Obviously if you create no business volume (via distribution through a network or selling) you will earn no money. Just as if you owned a store, you would need to generate business volume to generate cash flow. Your bonuses are based on your performance. You cannot just sponsor people and expect them to do all the work(generate your business volume) if they do, they will make all the money because they did all the work. This is why Amway is not a pyramid.

Another point I would like to make is that Amway's products are quality products you cannot compare them to other national brands because most other national brands do not offer 100 % money back guarantee.

My point is that this opportunity is not for everyone, but if someone is a hard worker looking for more out of life and doesn't have the money to start a conventional business this is a great opportunity. I would like to thank you for letting me share my views.

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